Show #387 : What are your personal standards?

This is Show #387, and we’re listening to Zig talk to us about personal standards -- having personal standards and making them high standards. This is not an awareness most people are ever given. The great news is we can clarify and state them now, and start shaping ourselves around and benefitting from them…now.

Show #369 : Create your world and know your reason

Every day the world you live in is created by your attitude. Either you dictate it, someone else does, or your attitude does. This is the first focus of the show. Next, hit on motivation...which is motive…which is…your reason. If you aren’t clear on this, you are a race car with an empty fuel tank.

Show #375: Being you is your only shot

Today’s show has a primary takeaway. It’s to massively change your paradigm and give you permission to be an absolute, conquering rock star by being…Who. You. Are. And to get you to quit wasting time trying to be who you are not.

#385: Winning relationships start here

This is show #385 and today I bring you…Zig. He’s talking to us about…winning relationships. Many people want the step-by-step procedure to success and bypass deeper issues like…relationships. But it doesn’t exist. There is no successful person that is an island unto themselves.

Show #376: You are either doing it. Or choosing to wait

Hey, Ziglar audience, thank you for being with me today. And, wow, I’ve got to say a specific thanks to all who have left us raving iTunes reviews in just the past two days in response to the two shows on marriage I did with my wife, Teri. You have blessed us for sure, but I’m mainly just grateful that the content was of value.

Show #374: It’s all about respect

Ziglar friends, just two days ago I posted a Ziglar Show and the topic was…marriage. One of Zig’s foundational focal points for ultimate success -- but one I haven’t given much attention to in these podcasts. That show, #373, has resulted in a significant increase in downloads, more than most of our shows.

Show #377: Fear not. But how?

I hope you had a blessed Easter, and to honor the occasion, we’re going to listen to a clip from Zig on…faith.

Zig was an outspoken Christian, but as he did with all things, he shared from a heart of love that nobody could deny. Which gained him respect from people of all types of faith.

Your takeaway today is twofold.

Show #384: Kyle Wilson and the power of immersion

Welcome to show #384. Last week in show #382 we interviewed Brian Tracy. I was enamored with his un-sugarcoated forthrightness and directive, actionable wisdom. It’s why he’s the legacy he is. Here is what he said about today’s guest, “I have worked closely with Kyle Wilson for 20 years.

Raising fully functional kids

Today is episode #383 and I’m back with my bride, Teri. We’re actually not recording from the studio, but from our house amidst a blizzard. Please forgive the lesser audio quality. In shows 373 and 374, we played clips from Zig on marriage and then had some candid discussion.

Show #371: How to speak the truth into life

Today we’re going to talk about admitting we have some skills and stopping thinking small.

Nothing is gained by minimizing ourselves. Nothing. I think we use humility and self deprecation as a cop out. I said “we”, as I’ve fallen into this trap.