Soap, Shirts, or Success?

Make this Christmas about Success, not Soap and Shirts!

What is your definition of success?

I am pretty sure the definition of a successful Christmas isn’t nice-smelling soap and a shirt that fits. Yet, isn’t this how most of us shop – droning from store to store, checking things off the list?

A Christmas Game-Changer

Things feel "uneasy" right now. The elections are over and the world stage feels as confused as ever.

Christmas is the time of year when hope is reborn. When we connect with family and we are reminded of our blessings.

We start to look forward to the coming year.

With Gratitude

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States.

I want you to know that I am extremely grateful to you, our Zignificance email readers.

Every day I get words of encouragement from you. When you send a note to me, it makes my day! And when you tell me that the Zignificance emails help you in some small way, it lifts my spirits in a huge way.

The 1% Difference

14 minutes.

14 minutes is 1% of the time in a day.

14 minutes can change everything.

14 minutes has made 2016 an incredible year for Ken Grant, one of our

Ziglar Legacy Certified trainers.

In fact, the leadership at his company asked him his secret and WHY he

was having so much better results than everyone else, even though he

had exactly the same resources.

Attitude, Goals, and Success

A good ATTITUDE will out perform a bad attitude every time. Zig Ziglar

A GOAL properly set is halfway reached. Zig Ziglar

SUCCESS is the journey, not the destination. Zig Ziglar

It seems like SUCCESS depends on your ATTITUDE and the GOALS that you have on your journey through life.

Show #440: Live your life, not theirs – with Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze inspires our true performance by pointing out a primary reason we spend money we shouldn’t, and become controlled by it. What is it? Social status. In today’s culture, there is something causing us to do this more than ever, and I would not have guessed what it was before reading her book.

The Best Thanksgiving Day Challenge

I have a challenge for you. The good news is it doesn't cost anything and the rewards are priceless.

Here is the challenge: Write five personal notes and give them to your family, friends, and coworkers this Thanksgiving.

Here is how you do it.

2017 is coming!

It's hard to believe 2017 is almost here!

Christmas shopping is ramping up and retailers are full-speed ahead.

Question: What are you telling yourself about 2017?

Why not create the 2017 you want before it even starts?

2017 is coming.


You were Designed for Accomplishment,
Engineered for Success, and
Endowed with the Seeds of Greatness.

You have within you every quality of success, everything you need to be successful. What you need to do is develop these qualities.

What’s your plan? What are you doing right now to develop these qualities in yourself?

Show #439: Stop the anger

In this message, Zig expounds on the trajectory of anger and the necessity for us to understand it in others for what it so often is. It’s about them, not us. To rise above it, however, we must have a level of self-confidence and a self-protecting willingness to extend grace.

This ELECTION needs a big dose of HOPE

The big election in the U.S. has some people excited, others disappointed, and almost everyone worried about what is going to unfold in the next several years.

What we all need is a big dose of HOPE.

Hope that inspires action that brings out the best in all of us to create a better life for our families and a better world for our neighbors.

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