Blown Away

Dear Friend,

I got well over 100 responses from you on the question I asked a little over a week ago. The question: What is the number one lesson you learned in life?

Many of you asked to hear what our Zignificance readers said, so here you go – just a small sample, with more coming tomorrow!

#1- Rejection is often Redirection.

Sharing the Love

Dear Friend,

Are you enjoying and benefiting from these Zignificance Moment emails? I hope so! In the last week, I have responded to well over 500 of you personally who replied to one of the Zignificance Moment emails. I love it! (But you have put me a few days behind on my follow up!)

Zignificance is about helping others do more than they thought they could.

The #1 lesson in life – part 2

Dear Friend,

We had so many responses to the Zignificance email I decided to break up the #1 lesson responses into two parts. Enjoy these great lessons from your fellow readers whoare on the same journey as you – to live a life of significance.

Legacy Moments

Dear Friend,

Legacy moments. They happen every day. Do you see them for what they are?

Your legacy is what you will be known for after you are gone. Your impact that ripples through time, generation to generation.

Your response to the clerk behind the counter overheard by a young neighborhood boy.

Better than Good!

Dear Friend,

Whenever someone asked Dad how he was doing, he would automatically reply: “Better than good!”

He would say it with a smile and with enthusiasm behind it. Before you knew it, the mood had changed and gone up just a little bit.

Show #393: Are you a god?

I’m just not going to preface the title here. This is not “bait and switch,” and a catchy title just for impact. This is a literal issue that is paramount. Listen in.

It’s time to inspire your true performance! This is The Ziglar Show, episode #393. Today we hear from…Zig Ziglar.

The truth matters – just saying

Dear Friend,

What is going on in our world? It seems like more and more we hear things like: “Whatever people believe about who they are is ok. That is their truth for themselves. Who are we to contradict them?”

And then the next thing we hear is: “All we need is love.

Just business

Dear Laurie,

I received a startling email yesterday from a rental car company.

It said: "You have a large balance of over $500 with us and, due to no contact and no payment, we are going to have to alert the authorities today that the car has been stolen.

School vs. Finishing Education

There’s an old saying that you can finish school and even make it easy. That simply is not true of education. You never finish and it is seldom easy, but it’s always important.

Moving On

There is more turmoil in corporate America today than in the last fifty years. Companies are merging, downsizing, moving abroad and undergoing traumatic changes. This increases stress tremendously and, in many cases, impairs productivity. Employees feel compelled to work harder, do more, and thus ensure their jobs. But is that really the right answer?

Show #390: Procrastinate on purpose with Rory Vaden

Multiply your time and procrastinate on purpose. And, as you’ll hear in a 20-second clip right after you hit play for the show, Rory says time management isn’t logical, it’s emotional. And there is the crux for why we seldom do it well! He lays out some heavy paradigm shifters that, I vow, will help you finally…not manage your time (Rory states that you can’t!), but multiply it, once and for all.