Necessity – The Mother of Invention

From childhood ice cream has been my favorite dessert. Coming from a large family and raised during the Depression, we had an occasional "churn" of ice cream on Sunday afternoon. We didn't get much at a serving, so that made it particularly enjoyable.

The Iron Lady

I'm a Margaret Thatcher fan. The job she did as Prime Minister of Great Britain was magnificent. She turned the economy around, helped restore pride and gave a sense of purpose and direction to her people.

Margaret Thatcher is a lady of unimpeachable credentials, including an iron will and a strong moral foundation.

Show #338: Business IS Personal

Today we’re going to talk to business owners and those who aspire to be…business owners. Much like Zig’s story, we’ve got a man who came from poverty to great success on many levels. You may have read his books on business and personal success.

Sleep Well and Profitably

The last thing you put into your mind before you go to sleep is going to be most firmly lodged into your subconscious mind and will affect your thinking and your sleeping. It also affects your creativity and your outlook on life. Despite this fact and the fact that much of the evening news is negative, millions of Americans watch the evening news and then go to bed hoping for a good night's sleep.