The Five Secrets of a Phenomenal Business

Secret #1: A Phenomenal Marketing System

Marketing is everything you do to attract prospects to your business. Notice that I said a phenomenal marketing system. The marketing of most small business owners is poor. Marketing is the key to business growth. Without customers you have nothing. You can do a wonderful job, but if you don’t have enough customers, nothing else matters. So, you want to have not just good marketing, but phenomenal marketing. What is phenomenal marketing? Marketing that is remarkable. Extraordinary. Outstanding. Phenomenal marketing creates experiences that engage, educate, and build a sense of belonging.

The Five Principles of Performance

Much of success is about performance. It’s about what we do and what we are able to inspire others to do. There are some simple performance principles I have learned in my life, and I want to share them with you. They really bring success, and what it takes to be successful, into sharp focus.

GPS For Phenomenal Success

Have you ever used a GPS (Global Positioning System)? Of course you have. GPS is used by many to get from “here to there” these days. When I started my business 28 years ago, we used something called a “map,” and it was made of this interesting material called paper!

But today, we simply get out our smart phones (that know where we are…scary), and open our maps application.