Show #357: Your success switch is your self-image

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Teaching or Reproducing?

A wise person once said that we teach people what we know, but we reproduce what we are. The prophet of long ago taught that the student is not above the teacher, but that the teacher has not taught until the student becomes as the teacher. Yet another person says that "people will not always believe what you say but they will always believe what you do.

Show #358: Be the CEO of your home!

Today we bring you a show on home life, and a special guest. Parenting and family are the primary topics, but while we want to be altruistic and love others well, we’re also all very selfish. Or at least I am. I want my home life to be peaceful, harmonious, joyful and rewarding.

Show #352: Everything affects everything

Friends, over time, over 100,000 people will listen to this one episode of the Ziglar Show. But right now, in the coming weeks, it will be about 35,000. And for you, we’re in the height of the holidays. Ziglar’s gift to you is - hope. The title of today’s show is, ”Everything affects everything else”. And the core of it all is hope.

Show # 351: Andy Andrews asks what standards you live by?

Folks, The Ziglar Show isn’t an interview heavy show. We have Zig, how could you want more! But then, Zig inspired people, and was a fan of others who inspired. And when there is someone changing the world today, with truth and love and inspiration, it’s our duty and honor to bring them to you.

Show #348: How have you been programmed?

Today I bring you show number 348 and the title is “How have you been programmed?”, and it comes from a talk Zig gave regarding the power of words. His take on it will give you pause, and as you’ll hear me get into…fear and conviction. And inspire the fire out of you.

Show #347: Is there Godly aspiration and ambition?

Folks, today I bring you show number 347 and the title is “Is there Godly aspiration and ambition?” And we have a special guest. A guest who I’m intimidated by. Why? Because my dad, Dan Miller of “48 Days To The Work You Love Fame,” says this guy is, and I quote, “The best interviewer I’ve ever seen.

Show #346: You must see more in yourself

Folks, there is no one on the planet who is immune to needing this message. It’s impossible. We are all victims of our own narrow views of ourselves and limitations. Some have drastic limitations, some have mild, albeit subversive, erosions that handicap their efforts.

Show #342: Righteous cash and your performance

Today we are going to talk about your faith and your money and your performance, all in the same breath. We have a very special guest today who boldly stated that “Money is a certificate of performance”. And before you expect the statement came from a high powered CEO or Silicon Valley, I’ll divulge our guest.