Show #425: Blame! Who or what?

Who or what is to blame? People and things DO happen to us. We are victims. As Tom Ziglar states in this show, feeling blame is often justified and makes all the sense in the world. We’ve often got every right to feel that way! But do we use the blame as an excuse to confine us? Or do we do the illogical thing and…let it go? And succeed…anyway?! Thanks to NerdWallet and ZipRecruiter for supporting this episode.

Show #424: Do you respond or react to life?

Zig asks us if we respond to life, or if we react to life. He explains the difference. Then he asks who or what we allow to control our attitude and, therefore, our actions. Who do we bequeath power to, or do we retain it for ourselves? Zig cites, “You cannot tailor make the situations in life, but you can tailor make the attitudes in advance to fit that situation in life. But at the core of your ability is your own…self-image.” We’re going to listen to about 11 minutes of Zig, then drill in on a few of those topics. Thank you to Wealthfront and Autodesk for their support of this episode!

Show #423: Why am I not changing?!

We, as humans, often skip over the foundational step…the step of “being.” It comes before “doing,” and from that the end result…having. Zig makes two big points in this show, 1) We must first be (become) the right person, and 2) We must have vision.

Show #422: Q&A with Tom – Zig’s primary lessons to his son

Tom Ziglar answers a question in this Q&A with host Kevin Miller about the most important lessons his dad, Zig Ziglar, gave him as a child and adult. His answer uncovers possibly four of the most important lessons Zig has for us all. Thank you to Audible and new show sponsor, SmileDirectClub, for supporting this show!

Hi, everyone, this is Kevin Miller, and this is Ziglar’s True Performance Show, episode 422, and we are doing a Q&A show with Tom Ziglar.

Show #419: How to love going home – Mark Timm

Mark Timm made millions in his business, but could hardly get himself to pull up the driveway to home. Why? He felt like a failure at home and would rather just stay at work where he experienced success and fulfillment. Until…he tried applying his successful work strategies with his family.

Show #418: Your marriage needs stress

If it’s strong it will bolster your entire life. If it’s weak, it will cripple your world. Host Kevin Miller is joined by his wife, Teri, to discuss a message from Zig. They cover 1) What is the value of a good marriage and 2) What is the foundation of a good marriage? Thank you to Wealth Front and Earth Class Mail for supporting this show!

Show #416: Jon Acuff – Get a Career Do-Over

You WILL hit a career ceiling. You WILL experience a career bump. You WILL make a career jump. You WILL get a surprise career opportunity. The question is, will you handle these invariable transitions victoriously? Of course, because you’re going to listen to this show and Jon’s counsel…

Show #415: Quit praying and start listening – Bob Beaudine

Bob Beaudine says this is THE secret that changes everything. We ask…how. Really. How? In real life, how do you tangibly ask God and hear anything specific? It sounds great, but in reality seems about as realistically tangible as levitating. I guarantee listening to this show will be a revelation to this concept.

Show #414: Withstanding the liquor of success with Steve Smith

We all want success in life, business, finances, relationships, health and more. But success can often have a high cost, namely in our peace, contentment, and happiness. Steve Smith has his own story as a rising mega-church pastor and the toll it took on his life. Today he’s now walked with thousands of C-level executives, business owners, mega-church pastors and high achievers, who have had aspects of crash-and-burn in their lives and businesses.

Show #413: Hostile takeover of your mind

This is the absolute crux of your entire life and existence regarding success and failure. You control it by what you speak and think. Practice the exercise in this show and declare war, rebellion, and anarchy on yourself.

Hey, everyone, this is Kevin, bringing you Ziglar’s True Performance Show, episode #413. We’re back with Zig talking goals…and how you can actually achieve them.