Show #352: Everything affects everything

Friends, over time, over 100,000 people will listen to this one episode of the Ziglar Show. But right now, in the coming weeks, it will be about 35,000. And for you, we’re in the height of the holidays. Ziglar’s gift to you is - hope. The title of today’s show is, ”Everything affects everything else”. And the core of it all is hope.

The Compulsive Personality’s Dictionary

Jim Norman, the former CEO of The Zig Ziglar Corporation, compiled a quick-reference list of definitions which I found fascinating, profound and useful for those who are serious about change and improvement.

Alcohol - A means of sustaining the agony of combining fantasy and reality and promoting that as life.

Show # 351: Andy Andrews asks what standards you live by?

Folks, The Ziglar Show isn’t an interview heavy show. We have Zig, how could you want more! But then, Zig inspired people, and was a fan of others who inspired. And when there is someone changing the world today, with truth and love and inspiration, it’s our duty and honor to bring them to you.

Encouragement is the Key

Mary Kay Ash says that thousands of people have gone farther than they thought they could because somebody else thought they could. What that someone else did was to offer encouragement, which is the "fuel" of hope.

The question is, how often do you give someone a word of encouragement, a verbal thank-you or a simple little note that says "I genuinely appreciate your efforts - you're doing a beautiful job"? This little story told by Herm Albright adds this thought: "After watching a middle-aged waitress going about her business efficiently but with a smile for everyone, I decided to compliment her on her good humor.

The Issue is Character

What you do off the job ultimately plays a major role in how far you go on the job. Every athlete, singer, dancer, entertainer, outstanding attorney, physician, speaker, professor, etc., clearly understands this fact of life. When everyone, regardless of occupation, understands this basic fact, they will make more progress in their personal, family and professional lives.

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