Applying the Four D’s

If you feel overwhelmed by TOO MUCH INFORMATION, you are not alone. With 24-hour news channels, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, etc., we are constantly being bombarded with information. In order to keep from feeling overpowered you can take control of the flow of information you receive.

Show #348: How have you been programmed?

Today I bring you show number 348 and the title is “How have you been programmed?”, and it comes from a talk Zig gave regarding the power of words. His take on it will give you pause, and as you’ll hear me get into…fear and conviction. And inspire the fire out of you.

Balance is the Key

A past issue of Psychology Today detailed a study of 1,139 CEOs of the Fortune 2,000 companies. Their average income was $356,000, which is not surprising. However, one thing that will surprise many people is to learn that these high achievers' number one priority was their family and their number one asset was their integrity.

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Practice Cutting Nets

In 1974 Digger Phelps, the Notre Dame basketball coach, was preparing his team to meet the perennial national champion UCLA Bruins in a basketball game.  UCLA was the overwhelming favorite.  The gamblers had "taken the game off the boards," because everyone knew Notre Dame did not have a chance.

Show #347: Is there Godly aspiration and ambition?

Folks, today I bring you show number 347 and the title is “Is there Godly aspiration and ambition?” And we have a special guest. A guest who I’m intimidated by. Why? Because my dad, Dan Miller of “48 Days To The Work You Love Fame,” says this guy is, and I quote, “The best interviewer I’ve ever seen.

You’ve Failed, Now Sit Down

Most parents experience the joy of watching their children turn over, then crawl, then stand up and then take those first steps.  With outstretched arms they stand two or three steps away and encourage the little one to come to them.  Chances are about three trillion to one that when the baby falls down the parent is not going to say, "O.k., you had your chance - you blew it!  So don't you ever try to walk again!"  That's absurd, but isn't it equally absurd to think we can accomplish major things in our lives without experiencing some reversals of some kind?  We all need to remember that failure is an event, not a person, that success is a process and not just an instant happening.

Show #346: You must see more in yourself

Folks, there is no one on the planet who is immune to needing this message. It’s impossible. We are all victims of our own narrow views of ourselves and limitations. Some have drastic limitations, some have mild, albeit subversive, erosions that handicap their efforts.