John Maxwell, one of the top leadership authorities in America, says that most people would rather work on their personality than on their character, and how right he is.  Perhaps that is because the personality development brings more immediate rewards, is less demanding and, in most cases, involves little sacrifice on our part.

Show #315: The 12 inches to success

To help influence someone in a direction that will benefit them requires authentic communicating skills and caring, and comes from the heart. Today we get a message from Zig, then hear again from Bryan Flanagan about his own path to career success by connecting his head to his heart.


The dictionary says that a "problem" is a question, especially a difficult question; a matter of doubt or difficulty.  As I read the definition of "problem," I'm certain the dictionary, as far as identification is concerned, is correct.  However, I much prefer to think of a problem as an opportunity.

The Comfort Zone

My 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary says that comfort is "relief from pain; ease; rest or moderate pleasure after pain, cold or distress or uneasiness of body."  The basic problem, too many people seek a comfort level where there is no pain or discomfort.  The reality is that what you're able to accomplish in life is determined by the number of times you leave your "comfort zone" to take on new challenges even though you know you're going to experience some pain, grief, or even a failure.

Show #310: Buying & Selling Lessons from Zig

In this show we played an 18 minute clip from Zig with no commentary...just straight Buying & Selling 101 from a world leader in the psychology of everyday commerce.

Zig takes you through a few key stories, including his personal car buying transaction which he disects in a way we can plainly see and learn from.

Be a Good Finder

Mr. Franklin Holmes is a volunteer chaplain working in prisons in Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.  Using a page from my book, See You At The Top, Chaplain Holmes is teaching a program in those prisons about the importance of looking for the good in every situation.

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