Show #343: Get Intentional With Your Attitude

Just think positive? Really? Is it that easy? No. It’s not. Which is why we listen to a 22 minute clip of Zig on the topic, then spend about the same time digging into what being “Positive” is all about, and what’s really in it for us. It’s not just a perspective.

Show #341: 15 Qualities of a Successful Person

Friends, welcome to The Ziglar Show, I’m your host Kevin Miller and it’s my unique privilege to bring today’s profound message to you. The Ziglar Show is founded on what Zig Ziglar, the worlds most prolific motivator, devoted his life to: "Inspiring YOUR True Performance". You can have the best tools, resources and even opportunity.

Show #338: Business IS Personal

Today we’re going to talk to business owners and those who aspire to be…business owners. Much like Zig’s story, we’ve got a man who came from poverty to great success on many levels. You may have read his books on business and personal success.

Show #337: What do you want?!

Ok Ziglar fans, ready for an extra long Zig clip today? I’ve got one for you. This is show #337 and the title is “What do you want?!”. And then how to make it happen. We all love step-by-step directions to make something happen. Dot to dot. Paint by numbers.

Show #336: Brenda Smith | The need for wisdom

Welcome to the Ziglar Show, I’m your host Kevin Miller and we are here today for one reason only…to inspire your true performance. What are you doing here? One of my daughters is attending a Taylor Swift concert this coming weekend at The Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

Show #335: What are the real catalysts for life change?

Welcome to The Ziglar Show, I’m your host Kevin Miller and I’m here because there are few pursuits more worth than positive, personal development. Our lives are not neutral. We’re either growing to be better for others, or we’re declining. Ziglar is about personal growth and I’m proud to be here helping further the cause.

Show #332: Reprogramming your reality

Welcome to the Ziglar Show, where the goal is simple. To inspire your best, your full, your true…performance. We’re not here for entertainment. We’re here for you and your legacy. We’re here to help you make your life better. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today, Tom Ziglar and I bring you a long awaited show, “Reprograming your reality.

Show #329: Are you buying what you are selling?

Welcome. You are someone who desires more than the norm. You desire to matter and to make a difference. Which is why you’re listening to the Ziglar Show. My name is Kevin Miller and I’m honored to be your host, and join you in finding your, and my place…in leaving a legacy.

Show #328: How much money are you working to accumulate?

Welcome to Episode 328 of The Ziglar Show. I’m your proud host, Kevin Miller and today’s quote is straight from Zig, "Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale." From that, the title of today’s show is, “How much money are you working to accumulate?”

Have you ever thought about this? Maybe, or maybe not, but we’re going to rip the concept apart and challenge all our conscious and subconscious perspectives.

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Show #327: Mumbo Jumbo Motivational Stuff

Welcome to Episode 327 of The Ziglar Show. I’m your proud host, Kevin Miller, and The title for today’s show is “Mumbo Jumbo Motivational Stuff”. The title and the quote for today’s show comes straight from our special guest, and I took it right out of his clip we’re going to discuss in a minute, here it is to whet your appetite, "This stuff is more powerful, even than I thought, because even though people quote-unquote 'know about it already', verrry few people put it into action".

Folks, I’m admittedly proud The Ziglar Show is consistently in the top 20 of Business Podcasts in iTunes, and the top 200 of all podcasts.

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