Show #399: Believe in a hope, trust in an action

SUBTITLE: It’s Zig onstage, talking about hope and making change. There is an epic analogy of when we are in a valley – when, not if – it’s what we plant there that we then eat in our bid to climb out and reach the peak. We also dig into the pithy statements and Bible verses that leave out the crux.

#398: Q&A: Best product, balance, and mental programming

Hello to everyone seeking the fuel that runs everything you do…inspiration. That’s what we have for you today in show 398. It’s our Q&A show, 30 minutes with Tom Ziglar and me, covering topics such as the best product to pursue, balance for working parents, and the power of mental programming. We even have a special guest appearance. This is where the rubber meets the road, real people striving to inspire their…true performance. Here we go:

Show #397: Simon Sinek on how to actually, authentically lead

Simon, I’m a huge fan of your book, Start With Why. I was sent a link to your TED talk years ago. Before I got very far into it, I searched for your book and bought it on the spot. In my opinion, it is a must-read for…anyone. I can’t get myself out of bed without knowing my Why, and it must be far greater than and deeper than the day’s basic duties.

Show #396: Do this, and you are done

Is overcoming our lack and our excuses easy? Nope. Is it simple. Well…yes. It is. But truth - black and white - is often simple. But not remotely easy. It’s dramatically hard! Get some classic Zig, then some real-life breaking down with Kevin.

Show #395: Q&A Show: Deciding which idea to pursue and hard work is…hard

Beverly asks, “I love to do so many different things. How do I decide which one to take the BIG step into?” Then Robin in Mississippi says, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saying how STUPID the cliché is, ‘If you do what you love you’ll never work another day in your life.’ I love my work, but I work my backside off. I’m a nurse. I work at hospice. Everyone dies.” Tune in, as we deeply unpack these two topics.

Show #394: Carrie Wilkerson reveals the labels that bind and free us

We all live under labels that were given to us, and many we gave to ourselves. Some give us wings and roots! But, more often than not, they limit us and hold us tightly to far less than the possibility we have within us. It’s not as easy as simply saying, “Hey, I don’t think I’ll accept that label anymore!” When we live in a label for so long, getting rid of it is like learning a foreign language.

Show #393: Are you a god?

I’m just not going to preface the title here. This is not “bait and switch,” and a catchy title just for impact. This is a literal issue that is paramount. Listen in.

It’s time to inspire your true performance! This is The Ziglar Show, episode #393. Today we hear from…Zig Ziglar.

Show #390: Procrastinate on purpose with Rory Vaden

Multiply your time and procrastinate on purpose. And, as you’ll hear in a 20-second clip right after you hit play for the show, Rory says time management isn’t logical, it’s emotional. And there is the crux for why we seldom do it well! He lays out some heavy paradigm shifters that, I vow, will help you finally…not manage your time (Rory states that you can’t!), but multiply it, once and for all.

Show #389: The critical necessity of rewarding work

Name the definition of success for you. The specific realities, circumstances, ingredients and outcomes. It can’t be 100% altruistic; it must contain some personal desires. Zig gives us 15 minutes onstage, discussing what we all want, how much our work life impacts everything, and the power of…love.

Show #391: The story that matters most – from John Eldredge

What story matters most? What story is most relevant for you? For your family? For humanity? Could it be your own? Wait, did you know your life was a story? Do you realize the only way to make sense of and succeed in life is to understand, embrace, and fully live out your story? And last, if this is new to you, what do you do today to tangibly step into this story? Listen in as legendary author, counselor and teacher, John Eldredge, gives us a story -- on story.