Racism Is Destructive to Both Perpetrator and Victim

Recently, as I was driving from the airport to my home, I was listening to a call-in radio program hosted by an African American minister who is working to improve race relations. He was gently reminding us that throughout our history black people have suffered tremendously as a result of racism.

Show #359: The seeds of your greatness

Today we’re listening to 22 minutes of Zig…straight. But it does have a chaser! We’ll break it down so you can’t help but take action. This is what we do on The Ziglar Show. Speaking of which, thanks for the continual amazing reviews in iTunes.

Forget It

The best thing we can do with regrets of the past is bury them. I mention this because Bruce DeHaven, who coached for the Buffalo Bills 1987-1999, as well as Scott Norwood (played 1985-1991), who missed the field goal in Super Bowl XXV, have a picture indelibly burned into their minds.

Show #357: Your success switch is your self-image

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How to be Happy

“Happiness” is high on the list of what everybody wants. Many people maintain they will be happy "when" - they get the new house, but they won't. Then they will be happy when they get it completely furnished - but they won't. They'll be happy when they have added the playroom, but they won't. Next, they'll be happy when the mortgage is paid off - but they won't. There are many people who will be happy "when" - they are able to take that vacation in Hawaii - but they won't, because it doesn't make any difference where you go, there you are.

Teaching or Reproducing?

A wise person once said that we teach people what we know, but we reproduce what we are. The prophet of long ago taught that the student is not above the teacher, but that the teacher has not taught until the student becomes as the teacher. Yet another person says that "people will not always believe what you say but they will always believe what you do.

Show #358: Be the CEO of your home!

Today we bring you a show on home life, and a special guest. Parenting and family are the primary topics, but while we want to be altruistic and love others well, we’re also all very selfish. Or at least I am. I want my home life to be peaceful, harmonious, joyful and rewarding.