The very best HABITS (Part 3)

“Motivation gets you going and habit gets you there. Make motivation a habit and you will get there more quickly and have more fun on the trip.” – Zig Ziglar

Following is the third Zignificance newsletter on the very best habits sent in by our readers.

What problem do you solve?

What problem do you solve? The answer to this question will bring you joy, satisfaction, and purpose.

I learned this simple concept from Rabbi Daniel Lapin: “God is never happier with His children than when they are solving the problems of His other children.”

The Stairway to the Top

Way back in 1974, Dad published the concept of the Stairway to the Top in the book, See You At The Top.

What a simple concept that is even more true today. In order to get to the top you have to take the stairs! There is no “free ride” on the elevator to success. Getting to the top requires action – you have to step up the stairs – and you have to do it yourself.

Gratitude Creates Integrity

“The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you will have to be grateful for.” – Zig Ziglar

Turns out this quote is not just a nice saying!

A recent podcast episode of Freakonomics Radio, Why is my life so hard?, discussed the relationship between integrity and gratitude and entitlement.

The Little Things

About six years ago, we had our good friend Andy Andrews come to our offices to do a live webcast. Andy is an incredible speaker and New York Times best-selling author. But most of all, Andy loves Dad, and Dad loved him.

The 3 G’s of Happiness

Are you happy?
Would you like to be happier?
Happiness is a funny thing. If we wait for it to come, or depend on circumstance and the actions of others to make us happy, then we are in for a long and miserable life.

Getting to the next level

Getting to the next level is a funny thing. I think we all want to be more, do more, and have more, yet most of us are not sure how to get to the next level. And when we are sure of what to do, we often hesitate on taking action.

If only.

Two very dangerous words.
These words enslave.
They paralyze.
They justify inaction.
They are the lullaby of laziness.
In spite of.

The lesson of the pineapple

When I was a about eight years old, I went on a trip with Dad. We were staying at a nice hotel and were enjoying a nice meal at the hotel buffet.

I brought back some round pineapple slices to the table. This was the first time I had ever seen pineapple prepared this way.

You are not stuck

Are you unhappy with where you are in life?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you dissatisfied with who you are?

Don’t worry! You are not stuck with who you are and where you are!