Show # 451: Q&A with Tom and Kevin

We opened the door for questions and the Ziglar audience poured them in. In this show we cover questions on establishing new habits, how to take personal retreats, dealing with unmotivated spouses, and, if it’s possible, to pursue one’s dreams while having young kids! Thanks to Constant Contact and Pro Flowers for supporting this episode.

Show # 450: Master productivity, discipline and focus – John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas set the podcast world on fire with his show, Entrepreneur on Fire, and his business success. Last year we discussed his “Freedom Journal” on goal setting and achieving. Now he has come out with a product, really as a result of requests from his audiences who ask the question, “Hey, to achieve my goals, how can I be more productive, more disciplined, and have more focus?” These are strengths of John’s, so he didn’t just write a book, he crafted a journal to help you work through achieving success in these three areas: Productivity, Discipline, Focus. This was an intriguing, valuable, and truly fun show. Thanks to Constant Contact, Blue Apron, and Princess Cruise Lines for supporting this episode.

Show # 449: Inspired but alone

Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller answer real questions from podcast listeners. We have some tactical questions and some deep, personal development questions today. Chances are 100% you’ll hear something that resonates, inspires, and equips you! Thanks to ZipRecruiter and Princess Cruise Lines for their support of this episode.

Show #448: A prospect for what you sell

Your product, service, message and mission need a constant flow of the right people, “viable prospects,” getting exposure. Zig gives us a professional class on the topic, then we break down the high points. If you think you aren’t in sales…you’re listening to the wrong podcast.

Show #447: Revisited: Zig on increasing your hope!

If hope is not the most important factor of success, it is at least the first step and foundation. Without hope we either don’t ever take action, or we take weak action that does not produce success. With hope, we achieve astounding things. So, here you go, start your New Year off with the first step in your quest for success, however you define it. Thanks to Blue Apron and ZipRecruiter for supporting this episode!

Show #446: Rewrite your story with Owen Fitzpatrick

Owen Fitzpatrick walks us through the tangible realities of changing our perspective and story from victim to overcomer. He shares as a psychologist, therapist, and coach, but also from his own hard story. His recent TEDx talk, “Mind Control: How to Win the War in Your Head,” has had over 50,000 views in the first month as he delivers an entertaining, yet poignant, 10-minute talk. This is foundational personal development for inspiring true performance.

Show #443: The beautiful challenge of personal responsibility – with Dan Miller

This is The Ziglar Show, planet Earth’s core source for the fuel for success…hope and inspiration. This is episode 443, and I have something special for you. We’re going to hear 11 minutes of Zig Ziglar giving an overview of his personal story, which is profound. Then we’ll be joined by a student of Zig’s who had a very similar experience to Zig’s. the question is…why did these guys overcome every reason to fail? And what can that mean for us?

Show #441: Telling the truth in advance

Ziglar does not believe in “fake it until you make it.” But we do believe in “telling the truth in advance.” One of Ziglar’s most popular messages and offerings is his Self-Talk cards. In this show, host Kevin Miller digs in with Tom Ziglar to question and encourage the use of this most powerful tool for reprogramming your brain for success. Get yours free at Thanks to and Lenovo for their support of this episode.

Show #440: Live your life, not theirs – with Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze inspires our true performance by pointing out a primary reason we spend money we shouldn’t, and become controlled by it. What is it? Social status. In today’s culture, there is something causing us to do this more than ever, and I would not have guessed what it was before reading her book.

Show #439: Stop the anger

In this message, Zig expounds on the trajectory of anger and the necessity for us to understand it in others for what it so often is. It’s about them, not us. To rise above it, however, we must have a level of self-confidence and a self-protecting willingness to extend grace.