“Dream” Coffee

An idea for you. Once a week, set aside 15 minutes of quiet time.

Fifteen minutes to have your "Dream" coffee. Or tea. Or water. In fact, what you drink doesn't matter. Your dreams matter.

Start by being grateful for what you have.

Don’t do these two things

Here are two things you want to avoid at all costs:

#1 Not having a clearly-defined goal.

"If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time." - Zig Ziglar

#2 Having the wrong goal.

"The only thing worse than setting a goal and not achieving it is setting the wrong goal AND achieving it.


Suppose, by a twist of fate, you inherited the most promising race horse in the world and it was the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby. The value of this horse will go up 100 times if it wins the race. How would you treat the horse the night before the race?

The Perfect Start

I had an amazing January 1 by working on my goals - over four hours of deep thought about what I want to accomplish. I get organized just by thinking about it!

I thought I would share with you one of the goals I set for myself. This is a goal I am committed to doing daily.

This is it

This is it.
Your time to reflect.
Here are a few questions to ponder:
How did 2016 go?
What victories did you have?
What challenges did you overcome?
What could you have done better?

Permission granted

Sometimes all we need is permission.

Here you go – you have my permission:

To go for it.
To reach for the stars.
To stick to it.
To hold that door.
To go the extra mile.
To expect the best.
To return rudeness with love.

Yes YOU Can

Christmas is behind us and the New Year is just a couple of days away. It’s a time of reflection on the past year, and a time of eager anticipation for the coming year.

I want to remind you of this:


A Christmas Blessing

Blessings to you this Christmas day!

Three memories I am grateful for that I hope will bless you.

Dad passing out gifts on Christmas Eve one at time: Our whole family would get together and Dad would pick a present from under the tree, call the name, and hand it to them.