The very best HABITS (Part 3)

The very best HABITS (Part 3)


“Motivation gets you going and habit gets you there. Make motivation a habit and you will get there more quickly and have more fun on the trip.” – Zig Ziglar

Following is the third Zignificance newsletter on the very best habits sent in by our readers.

Pick a habit and make it YOUR habit!

I Read and Think..
-Larry (I love it Larry – make thinking a habit! tz)

My best habit is starting early. It sets the tone for my entire day, and if I don’t do it, the day is not nearly as productive. I have also implemented within the last year “2 chairs” – which I heard about on one of your podcasts. So my day starts at 5 with God, time in the Word, and then exercise while listening to your podcast on most days.

Your idea of eliminating a bad habit helped drastically in the morning, as I used to turn on the news, read emails, and drink coffee. Now, I don’t waste time filling my head with the news or reading emails. That used to cost – and it was a huge cost – at least 30-45 minutes of the start of my day. Eliminating that bad habit helped make my main priority my main priority!

Thanks for what you and Kevin are doing. I know it’s a business, but you are making a difference in the lives of so many. Side note – as so many, I started my career going to Automobile University with your dad back in 1990, and still have the cassettes! It’s pretty cool that almost 30 years later it’s still occurring, but now with you -- his son!

-God bless, Ed

I pray each day before I get out of bed to put the day in God’s hands and orchestrate it for His good.

Prayer and Bible study with the wife before leaving for work.

I leave my phone in another room at the beginning of the day and spend time reading the Psalms and Proverbs "of the day" before I do anything else. I have also started getting up when the alarm goes off the first time, after recently killing the "termite" of using the snooze button.

Starting the day with positive influences from you, Tom Ziglar, Simon Sinek, and John O’ Leary. Ending the day listening to Dave Ramsey’s archived radio show while making supper.

I start and end my day reading Zig’s Self Talk Card! And I make my car a university by listening to many podcasts while on the road.

Committed to daily physical activity. I shoot for a minimum step count each day (with tracker), starting with a target to meet by the end of a mid-morning break and trying to get the minimum in before dinner. After dinner is the bonus steps. This commitment to intervals of time/activity allows time for faith/personal reflection, planning for maximum impact (success) for the day, and for clearing the cobwebs from my thought processes!!
-Laura Lee

My Daily Affirmation.

Here's my best habit right now, for you Tom:

Before I sleep, every evening, I write my five goals for the following day. It's fantastic: I focus on what's important for me (it can even be "relaxing" at times!) and I always get to ✅ at least three! Others often get done later in the week. I got this tip from Michael Heppel's book on time management.

You are Born to Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!

Tom Ziglar

P.S. Make motivation a habit, and all of the other good habits will be easier to make into habits!

P.P.S. Make daily affirmations a habit! This habit might be the most powerful and easy-to-do habit of all. Get your Zig Ziglar Daily Affirmations self-talk card right here: