What problem do you solve?

What problem do you solve?


What problem do you solve? The answer to this question will bring you joy, satisfaction, and purpose.

I learned this simple concept from Rabbi Daniel Lapin: “God is never happier with His children than when they are solving the problems of His other children.”

Let me share with you a little bit about me and the problems that I solve. This will help you answer the question for yourself.

I love speaking, writing, and coaching. Rick Roussin, one of our Ziglar Legacy Certified trainers, calls me an “intellectual engineer” because I love the why behind the WHY so much.

When I work with people, either from the front of the room as a speaker before thousands, or one-on-one in Executive Coaching, there are three problems that I love to help solve.

Engage - Success
Equip - Significance
Transfer - Legacy

Engage. Far too many people are passively coasting through life. Their belief is that the good things in life are meant for other people. I love igniting hope and passion in people! When you Engage in life and understand that you have what it takes if you will only believe in yourself and develop the qualities of success that are within you, everything changes. YOU are designed for Success.

Equip. My personal mission statement is “To help you become significant by equipping you to help others become significant.” Success is fantastic. Significance is even better! Significance is when you help someone else Be, Do, and Have more than they thought possible. My heart sings when I equip you to help others become significant. YOU are engineered for Significance.

Transfer. Legacy is when you teach and transfer the habits that build character, integrity, and wisdom that will ripple through eternity. “Legacy is a transference of habit.” – Tom Ziglar. All of us are going to leave a legacy. I love helping people intentionally transfer their legacy. Transfer your legacy by design, not by chance. YOU are purposed for Legacy.

Now you know what problems I solve. What problems do you solve?

You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!

Tom Ziglar

P.S. Good news for you! It doesn’t matter what problems you solve, you can have Success, Significance, and Legacy when you solve those problems the right way! When I speak to groups, this is the essence of the message that I bring. Nothing increases hope and performance more than knowing that how you do what you do is the key. If you want to inquire about having me speak at your event, contact Laurie Magers at [email protected] (Laurie knows what she is doing; she was Dad’s Executive Assistant for 35 years and this year she celebrates 40 years with the company!).

P.P.S. Before you get caught up in the title “intellectual engineer,” I want you to know I looked it up on Google and the acronym for intellectual engineer is N.E.R.D.