The lesson of the pineapple

The lesson of the pineapple

When I was a about eight years old, I went on a trip with Dad. We were staying at a nice hotel and were enjoying a nice meal at the hotel buffet.

I brought back some round pineapple slices to the table. This was the first time I had ever seen pineapple prepared this way. At home, Mom always cut it into chuncks.

I asked Dad if he wanted some of my pineapple and he said yes. I started cutting him chunks from around the edges and I put them on an extra plate, leaving the remaining round middle for me.

As I handed him the plate with the Chunks, he asked me if I wanted some as well and I told him I would just eat the middle on my plate.

He smiled a wry smile and started eating his chunks.

Then the fun began – for him, at least!

First I tried to cut the round middle – the core. That didn’t really work so well. In fact, when I stuck my fork into it my fork really didn’t go in.

So I did what any eight-year-old would do. I picked up the pineapple core and put it in my mouth. Guess what? That didn’t work, either! Quickly I figured out the core is not meant for eating.

Dad was smiling and laughing as I was spitting out pineapple core and getting the sticky off my hands. He gave me back some of the pineapple I had given him, and we enjoyed the rest of our breakfast.

Why do I remember this so well? Because I loved how Dad would watch me figure out the little things on my own when I knew he was watching, so that when he told me how I should handle the big things I would be more likely to take his advice.

This is great parenting!

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Tom Ziglar

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P.P.S. Quote of the Day: "Our job as parents is not to raise good kids, but to raise good adults." -Mark Timm

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