Show #330: Money Goal – Survival, Enough or Abundance?

Show #330: Money Goal – Survival, Enough or Abundance?

Today I bring you show #330, and the title is “Money Goal: Survival, Enough or Abundance?”

Friends, I live in the business world and am privy to a lot of offerings. How to speak, how to write a book, how to podcast, how to start an online business and so much more. These are all hot button call outs. We all want a course that tells us exactly how to do something. All these courses and training tools are great, they really are. But what keeps people voraciously consuming them just like they do new weight loss plans is…few people actually achieve success. Why?

I’ll tell you, because it’s why Ziglar exists. The best steps won’t work, unless you do. Now I don’t mean unless you do lots of hard work. I mean unless you are functioning at full capacity. You can work a race car as hard as you want, but if it’s only running on 8 of 12 cylinders, it won’t be at the top. If you want the next book, training, degree, certification, seminar or program to work, first…make sure YOU are working at full capacity. That’s just counsel, regardless of utilizing Ziglar products or services, though it’s exactly why Ziglar programs exceed most any other, as they deal with making sure you are well and able to walk out the expert steps and training! Go to and check out upcoming events.

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Folks, in show #328 I brought my Dad, Dan Miller of 48 Days To The Work You Love fame on the show to discuss: How much money are you working to accumulate? - We had a lively discussion on topics such as entrepreneurs, professional sales people and more.

I then posted a question on Facebook asking, “What is your goal financially?” 1) Have just enough to get by, 2) Have more than needed, 3) Have a significant, substantial abundance. And then…WHY? And asked people to please give an explanation. 277 of you stepped up and gave a reply. Thank you!

Today I’ve brought Dan Miller, my Dad, back on the show to discuss…your comments.

Before we start, I want to skip over two incredible iTunes reviews to read some constructive criticism about the show. 1234drty gave a 4 out of 5 star review to say this, “I have been enjoying the information presented in this podcast BUT, and it’s a BIG BUTT, they really need to stop telling the listeners how great they are! It’s really over the top and annoying. I fast forward through their praise of themselves AND their ad placement in the middle of their podcasts. If you can get beyond that I think you’ll enjoy the information.”

I also traded emails with a good man who was not happy about the newly instituted advertisements in the show.

I have to take these critiques and balance them with us also growing by 40,000 downloads last month. But both reviews are relevant and worthy of consideration. And I thank both people for caring enough to offer their heartfelt feedback.

Reviving the Ziglar Show from over a year of dormancy felt like a valid endeavor, but I’ll readily admit I never set out thinking it would grow to the level it has. I didn’t have a goal. Please don’t tell Zig. But now we’re ramping up!

A quick call out to the 1,835 people who heard the show referencing Zig’s renowned “Self-Talk Cards” and downloaded them. You received a series of emails to prompt you along and the last one asked for your feedback, where I said I’d talk about it in an upcoming show. That show…is coming. And speaking of coming shows, The Ziglar Show is about inspiration, motivation and encouragement to help you achieve your top performance. Which is only measured by…you. Your top performance is as you…define it. I’ve focused the show topics on 3 categories:

  1. Zig Ziglar himself - his classic, world changing clips that have influenced over 250 million people worldwide. We listen to Zig, break down his messages and discuss how to truly implement them in our lives.
  2. Interviews of other top motivators, inspirers and encouragers. I’m not picking big names for big names sake. We invite them on because they are Ziglar evangelists with personal Ziglar stories who are spreading the message today in their own lives and businesses. Some people you’ll know well, like an upcoming guest who has one of the top syndicated radio shows on the planet…a bonafide rock star and celebrity. You’ll know him well. And a rabbi. And a CEO of a nutritional company whose energy bars are Tom Ziglar’s favorite. But also some people you’ve not heard of who are making a significant impact in their own way, in the lives of others.
  3. Q&A. Questions we really want to hear from you on. We post them on the Ziglar Facebook Page and bring you…you

Which brings us to today’s show. The title again is, “Money Goal: Survival, Enough or Abundance?” And as I sit high up in the Rocky Mountains at 9,000’ above sea level, I’m joined by my Dad, Dan Miller, who sits at about 300 feet above sea level in the rolling countryside of TN on his epic 48 Days compound. While I’m viewing elk out my window, he’s seeing…well, the picture he texted me yesterday was some snake trying to wolf down a toad about 3 times it’s size. I couldn’t eat the rest of the day. If you aren’t familiar with Dan Miller, go to If you’re a Dave Ramsey listener you know him, as Dave has reference him for decades as THE source for career and business guidance and counsel.

Dad…money, survival, enough or abundance. Now one thing is stating your perspective and goal, but it’s highly relevant for folks to know in regards to a well known personality, authority and leader like yourself…I was your kid and I intimately experienced you go from survival, to enough, to abundance…then a dip down to enough, back to abundance, a careening drop to mere survival, then a jolt to abundance…and enough ups and downs to make most people sea sick.

Before we hit some amazing Facebook questions from the Ziglar audience, I want to look at your trajectory. Today you reside at a place of financial abundance greater than most people will ever experience. And I’d couple that with an abundance of time, flexibility and work and life that are not only greatly fulfilling, but have dramatic purpose in your life and the lives of others.

To get here however, going back to my roller coaster review of your earlier journey, you did what few others…would do. It’s not that you’re a “throw all caution to the wind” and “roll the dice guy”.

But how do you explain and define not only your own roller coaster, but if reference Zig’s bestselling book, the roller coaster of most people who we “See At The Top”?

> > Hear Dan's response in the show below!

Then here is just a candid question from me, your kid. I know full well you have generally had a goal of financial abundance, which as we’ll get into during our Q&A, is a primary reason you attained it. But did you always? I actually don’t know this answer.

> > Hear Dan's response in the show!

OK, now we go to Facebook questions. My first inclination was to group responses by #1, 2 and 3. But as I read through them, what came out was…themes. Viewpoints and perspectives, including Greed, Helping Others, Earning Money vs Spending Time with loved ones…especially kids, Personal Freedoms, and more.

Below I've listed the leading themes. You can read them and listen to our commentary in the show.


Lisa Burg 2, enough to be comfortable and have a little more to give to those in need. I have no need to be greedy with #3.

Kristine Eckley To have more than needed. I am not a greedy person. I just want to be comfortable. I want to build a legacy for myself and my family. I want to be there more, have more fun, and be able to give back

Christine Graw Let's face it. We already have more than we need. If we own computers and have an education to write a post here, we have more than most of the world already. More fun doesn't cost money. When John D. Rockefeller earned his first million ( which was a lot of money in the late 19th century ), he was asked now that he had a million dollars, what more did he want..... He answered, "another million." I think more than needed has no ending. On the other hand, contentment is priceless. Just saying.......

Sonya Gorski To have more than needed is most people's response...however if we really look around, we already have more than needed. Do you really need those 5 pair of shoes, 20 containers of eye shadow, 8 wooden spoons, 2 sets of sheets , dishes for every holiday.. Really folks, you can wash those sheets and put them right back on your bed, most people don't cook 8 pots of food at once, excedra...most people already have more than is needed and have not been without to even realize they already have an abundance.

Travis Kampana #3: To be able to live MORE than comfortably but not greedy. To have something to pass onto more than one generation. To have built something that my family and I can take pride in. Also to have more to give back to humanity...


Megan Culver The dream is #3, it is not realistic for me personally because in order to achieve it I would have to sacrifice too much valuable time with my daughter. The GOAL is #2 because it is attainable and having a little extra makes me feel more secure. To have piece of mind knowing that if we need something or have an emergency I will be able to cover it without putting us in a financial rut is worth a lot!

Darren Sparks I thought I was No2 or 3, I realise I'm now 1, my children make up for more than 2 or 3 ever could so I'm no longer looking to chase 2 or 3 as it will never pay for time not spent with my children.

Charlene Campos At 2 and working on 3, if that is Gods will. And the best part is I'm not sacrificing time from my family to get to 3. Which is what most people regret at the end.


Brooke 'Beinborn' Keleher To have more than needed....I want to be able to live comfortably, not stress about finances and have just enough fun money to explore with but not too much where others are going to either think i can loan them funds, bail them out of trouble or even just change the way they are with me due to my blessed financial situation. Money doesn't buy happiness but society sure thinks it does!

Vanessa Dyer I would just like to have more than needed. A significant abundance could potentially cause me problems. I would like to have enough to continue to do what I do now (tithe, pay bills), but also to give freely to those who need it.

Kim Kimmi #2- enough to be comfortable. Being rich would be nice, but more money seems to bring more problems to many people. I just want to be able to afford a few nice things.


Shaimaa Mohamed Mogahed 3. To have substantial abundance because I want to have enough to help others

Gnaore Henri Peniel Have a significant substantial abundance to be able to help the needy

Katrina Wiltshire To have more than needed would be lovely. So that I & my family are comfortable but more so that I can help my family & friends & the community at large. My desire is to build a complex that has many different facets to help the less advantaged. A warm bed, nutritious food, safe environment, where they can get the help they need for no money - like medical, personal hygiene, emotional, professional lawyers, psychiatrists, counsellors, meditation, massage, spiritual, chiropractors, nutritional, job finders, dream takes lots of money. Let's hope my winning lotto ticket comes up soon.

Michele Ann Sanders Frank My goal financially is to have more than needed. I would like to be out of debt and be able to help others who are less fortunate.

Stephanie Pyle If I have a significant substantial abundance I can share with those who don't.

Joy Ugwu Isaac Have a significant,substantial abundance. For my needs,family,support church,help people and live legacy for generation

Kaindi Mutua #3. I dream of owning a group of schools (one in every of the 47 counties in Kenya) that offer the best possible education at zero cost (free) to the best 188 pupils in every county regardless of their economic background and equip them with the best facilities and study material inorder to bring out their optimum potential. Then I will have done the little I can do for this world. 188*47=8,836 high school students every year equiped with 'the best possible education'

Only a significant substantial abundance can do that. So help me God

Christina Swenson Schwartz LOL! Is this a trick question? #3 Because the borrower is slave to the lender (Proverbs 22:7) & because money ranks up there with oxygen. I grew up poor & in foster care, everything I ever had or have now I earned through good attitude, character, & honesty without a college degree & learning to be careful with money. I love to give back. No one deserves to be hungry, sick, or suffer because their basic needs are not being met & they feel alone.


Johnna Shortsleeves I would love to say #3, but at this season of our lives, I would be happy with #1. We take for granted the little things, and right now it would be great to have enough to keep my lights on and a roof over my kids heads. But God willing, things will turn around soon, and we will come out on the other side stronger then we are.

Ziggy Dougherty U do realize that this is a test....just about everyone said more than i need and gave answers why....if u want more than u need to do the work for it..if u dont work hard for the more than you need then u will never appreciate it...i have more than i need and i realize that it didn't take over night and it wasn't easy at all...if you want it go get it...the only person stopping you is yourself


Joseph Hoover 3. to be financially independent without being a slave to an alarm clock,or be apart of someone elses dream (employers) the reason; For free time with being able to do what i really want to do.

Jamie Stewart Ulrich Number 2 is acceptable for sustaining our modest lifestyle, but to achieve Number 3 is my actual goal. This will enable me to provide luxuries (like vacations that don't involve a tent!) for my children, save for retirement AND help them pay for college (instead of having to choose)

Melissa Hull 3 to spend it on a big horse ranch and a studio to work out of, and have fun!


Josephine Dalton "2" right now. But I am building assets so that in 2 years I can retire from job employment, pay off all my debts and start saving to buy a home with cash.

As for why, I think there are many factors. My skills sets doesn't allow better pay although in this town (vegas) there are a few way better paying jobs in my profession (bar tending) but I am an older female in this sexist and ageist city and I have not racked up enough experience for the better paying bartending jobs that don't take into account my gender or age nor do I know the right people (would not want to associate with them anyways (drugs, alcoholism, sexism, etc)

Sounds like excuses? Nah, more like legitimate reasons NOT to dedicate 5-10 years of my life to max out at $65k a year and still trade time for money AND having to market to get that business. I'd rather dedicate those years to building something that will eventually create a residual cashflow that will pay me for the rest of my life AND grow exponentially over time.