Show #338: Business IS Personal

Show #338: Business IS Personal

Today we’re going to talk to business owners and those who aspire to be…business owners. Much like Zig’s story, we’ve got a man who came from poverty to great success on many levels. You may have read his books on business and personal success. You may have attended his seminars or purchased his products. And we’ll give you plenty of direction to consume those valuable resources.

But today I want to get up close and personal so you can hear the real story. The story and humanity you and I can all relate to. Tom Ziglar cites his Dad Zig as starting every presentation with his personal story. Of losing his father as a kid and going to work to help support the family at the age of five. He tells a story that brings him down to everyone else’s level so they can relate or even feel they have more going for them, more in their favor. And due to this, they will accept that they CAN do something to better themselves. They won’t discount possibility.

Our guest today has a similar story. His name is Howard Partridge. You can read about his relationship with the likes of John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Dave Ramsey, Bob Burg and more at

I’ll tell you this. The Ziglar company points it’s audience to Howard as the go-to coach for business owners. That alone should say enough.

I frequently reference the book, “The Millionaire Next Door” which sites most millionaires as just that, the guys next door. It’s not the celebrities, sports stars, CEOs, doctors and lawyers. It’s the people who own businesses that are the bread and butter of our culture.

Howard found his financial and business success and ultimately the seeds of his calling with a basic service business. That’s not necessarily sexy. But you know what is? The life Howard is blessed to lead today.

To kick us off, Tom Ziglar, will you tell us about your initial experience with Howard and how he’s influenced your life and the Ziglar company.

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Ok Howard. You spend your time leading business owners across the country and beyond. I want business owners and aspiring to go to your website at to tune in to the solutions and value you can offer them. Today, we want to break down…you. So people can relate to you and take action on implementing your teaching and training. You’re not superman, though many may view you as such. You’re a real guy who has and does experience real life issues in business and life. I want to start off with…your personal Zig story.

  • How did Zig Ziglar and his message initially impact and influence your life? Where did it start?
  • > business is personal
  • You mention in your personal story, coming from a home with 7 kids and what sounds like a single mom. I’m guessing not all your siblings have risen to the level of success you have. I want to know why. What was the spark that got lit in you that helped you overcome circumstances…that overcome so many others.
  • So take us back to the kid from a hard story. How did you go from there, to waiting tables at high end restaurants? And from there, to starting a business? Connect the dots for us.
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  • What were some primary aspects of your personal development that proved, and maybe still do…to be your achilles heal? That you still have to address day to day?
  • > isolated as biz owner
  • > leadership, not biz
  • > burnout from effort
  • > predictable
  • > vision , what is a win, life goals, phenomenal life
  • In your adult life, personal and/or business, when was your most challenging time? What led to it and what got you out?
  • What do you feel is your greatest strength, your anchor(s) that keep you staying the path when challenges come?
  • When did you realize you wanted to move beyond successful business owner, to devoting yourself to inspiring others and helping them with their businesses? Was there a life circumstance or specific tipping point or realization?
  • What are primary ingredients to keeping yourself motivated? Name any resources. Examples: books and messages, exercise, hobbies and activities, experiences, etc…

What are some recent resources you are excited about?