Show #357: Your success switch is your self-image

Show #357: Your success switch is your self-image

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Today, my Ziglar friends, I bring you 21 minutes of Zig. An extra long shot. It’s classic Zig with classic stories that if you haven’t heard, will rock your world. And if you have heard them, they will again bring a smile to your face and a further conviction to your life. This presentation from Zig is straight from a series of CDs and DVDs that, as of this recording, are not currently available to purchase, as they are being repackaged for sale: “Strategies For Success: Blueprint for Achievement.” One of Ziglar’s best-selling products, ever. When they are ready for purchase, I’ll let you know. It will be before I’ve let you listen to the whole series.

Again folks, these are many of THE classic stories from Zig Ziglar, delivered on stage to tens of thousands of people, back when people flocked to motivational and inspirational seminars and realized all the knowledge in the world was moot if the person wasn’t ready. This is a point Zig will nail home in THIS show, in just a moment. But it’s a movement that is happening again, as people are experiencing the void of personal development and turning back to the truth.

This is something YOU…have already figured out. It’s why you are here and why you’ve made this show -- that I have the dramatic privilege to host -- one of the top podcasts in the world. Just this week we hit our highest overall ranking as the #64 ranked podcast of all podcasts in the world. Thank you. Thanks for listening and recommending the show to others. Thanks for giving us five-star rankings and rave reviews in iTunes.

OK, folks, let’s now get into some classic, foundational, entertaining and convicting leadership and guidance from Zig Ziglar, talking on Self-Image

Show Notes & Excerpts

Why does listening to Zig just make you feel better? Because he speaks truth and life. He believes more for you, because he’s lived it himself and with so many others. It’s not pie in the sky. It’s pie on the plate in front of you. But you don’t get it for free. It takes work. It takes new habits. It takes care and conviction. All of which are just a decision away. A decision you can make…now. Today.

Again folks, Zig is talking SELF-IMAGE. Let’s revisit his key points:

In Zig’s story of the oil well, he cites we have so much potential under the surface that we and others don’t benefit from unless we bring our value to the surface. We must discover, embrace, and take action on our true potential.

Then we get the story of the glasses store where the clerk didn’t believe Zig was Zig. Our pictures of ourselves are so narrow and shallow, and they have no relation to what we’re capable of. We must have a correct and full image of ourselves.

Next, Zig shares about the lady who wanted to change and started reading positive books.

“You don’t have to be great to start. But you have to start to be great,” Zig quotes his friend, Joe Sabah. And, “The person who can’t read is no worse off than the person who won’t read.” Then, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Zig doesn’t compartmentalize success. He cites the three areas of your life that will benefit:

  • Personal Life
  • Family Life
  • Business Life

“You’ve gotta be before you can do, you’ve gotta do before you can have. You gotta be the right person. You’ve gotta do the right things.”

So how do you be…more?

The way you see yourself has a direct bearing on your performance. You can’t perform in a manner that’s inconsistent with how you see yourself.

Zig shares a very personal story of a sales meeting he almost didn’t go to. At this meeting, his boss said he was a huge waste, he could be great.

Zig already knew sales, “The sales person had long been ready,” he said. But the person wasn’t. When the person was ready, he succeeded. Wildly.

The picture you have of yourself is so important. More than skills or knowledge or experience or even competency. When the picture changes, then every single facet of your life will change, as well.

Do you really need more knowledge? Teaching? Degrees? Certifications? Experience? Will those things really “do it” for you? Or, as Zig says, are they all moot, or secondary, to you simply getting a new vision and belief in yourself?

It truly is simple, just as jumping from an airplane is simple. It’s simple, but so often…overwhelmingly hard.