Show #345: Are you a motivation junkie, or action taker?

Show #345: Are you a motivation junkie, or action taker?

Today's show features one of Zig’s most famous stories of getting cooked in the squat.

We’re going to listen to 11 minutes of Zig today, and as I mentioned, it includes his renowned story of being cooked in the squat. Which to clarify…he’s referring to baking biscuits. If they get cooked before they rise, you end up with paper thin biscuits. And many people get cooked - stuck in perpetual preparation and analysis and “getting ready”, and never take action and rise!

So we’ll listen in, then discuss it a bit. I actually posted a question in regards to the topic on the Ziglar Facebook page, and I’ll share some of the responses. Here then, is Zig, and the show in entirety!

So let’s break this message apart so we don’t miss anything.

Zig states, “It’s easier to stay up, than to get up.” In all my years of helping people move from traditional employment to self-employment, this truth had significant ramifications. Today in work I’m doing in the medical field, it’s also paramount. Let me explain.

Often people desiring self-employment would kick the tires, hang out, dip their toe in the water, but not really give it a go. Then…something critical happens, like getting laid off from their work. Knocked down. This was often a catalyst for them to say, “OK, let’s make it happen now!” And they need to generate income quick. Stand up…quickly.

Well, generating your own income doesn’t happen quickly. It’s far easier to be putting plans together and doing something on the side, WHILE you still have the day job. So you’re making money at your job, while you start making money on your side business. You stay…standing up. Don’t wait till your down. You can’t make the wisest decisions then, as you’re in crisis mode.

In the medical industry I’m investing in so much today, which is an alternative medical practice that goes far beyond traditional healthcare and focuses on helping people become well again, the same issue is at hand. People don’t usually invest much time or money in their health and wellness, until a crisis. Whether it’s a heart attack or diabetes, or just high blood pressure, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue and aches and pains that erode your vitality. These things happen over long stretches of time. Reversing this is not only much more difficult, it’s sometimes not possible to fully reverse. You can of course get much better, but if you go down too far, you can never fully get back up!

It’s far easier, as Zig stated, to stay up. Invest in your health and wellness now before anything breaks, so…you don’t ever get so broken.

Next point that is one of the most common threads you’ll hear from Zig, on this show. “What you say to you is far more important than what Zig says to you."

Folks, Zig and positive messages are only meant to be catalysts for YOU taking ownership. When my wife says I’m a good father, I can smile and be grateful and even tell others with gratitude and pride, “My wife thinks I’m a good father.” I’m often told positive things about myself that I may or may not truly believe and embrace, and therefore don’t take ownership of and truly walk out. It’s when I stand up and tell myself, “I’m a good father”, and take ownership, that it matters to my actions.

When you hear something that resonates, write it down! Take it captive. Read it. Repeat it. Till you…own it.

Which again is why Zig didn’t come out with his self-talk cards and say, “Listen to me everyday, recite them for you.” No, he said to stand in front of the mirror, and say them to YOURSELF. Many people have recorded themselves saying them so they can listen to that. The difference is…everything.

I get testimonials sent to me near daily from folks who started with the self-talk cards. Which again, you can always get at

But let's get into the crux of today’s show. The focus of today’s show folks, is taking action.

I posted on Facebook, this question "Taking in positive, motivating and encouraging information is wonderful! you sometimes find yourself not taking enough action on it? Are you mainly fueling your hope, or are you literally making specific changes in your life?" We'd love your honest feedback so we can discuss it on the show. And thank you!"

Let’s look at some of the responses and see if you relate to any:

Dustin Billings Ive made unbelievable changes to my life recently it is amazing

Kevin Miller So what sparked it...why all the changes recently? Was there a catalyst?

Dustin Billings Just got in touch with god and relocated myself to a more healthy environment and things are so much better now

He got in touch with God. There is a ton in that, of course, but at a base level, he got outside of himself and got a bigger picture of his purpose. Anyone listening who feels alone, isolated, without purpose? Tom Ziglar testified that a primary root of Zig’s success was his devotion to God and through that…to others. Where are you in your spiritual life? Stagnant? Non existent? Bitter? Luke warm? If so, you’re missing your foundation and roots. Maybe this is a primary place you need to take action in?!

Dustin then says he relocated to a more healthy environment. A well known definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. How about staying in the same place…and expecting different results? I’m sure you’ve heard people criticize moving, whether geographically or job, as “running away”. And your problems will follow you. Of course we understand the concept of this statement, and of course there is come relevance in it.

But folks, when people are in a bad or even just unfulfilling place in life, I’ve seen FAR, FAR more success come from moving, than staying. A fresh start can often be the best catalyst on the planet. I’ve done it multiple times, in dramatic and subtle fashion, both. I’ve changed careers and moved cross country with my family and started over, with unprecedented success. I’ve changed offices just to get a fresh start. I’ve changed my diet, my exercise regime and more. The main thing is getting honest with your environment and giving value to what something new and better would do for you.

Ashley Conway Yes, admittedly I have not found the right balance between absorbing positive, growth-focused content and putting what I already know into action.

Now, I was blessed to see this, as Ashley was a client of mine years ago, she she was in Colorado Springs just two weeks ago and drove up the mountain to see me! She’s a marketing guru, fitness trainer and new mom…and she makes things happen. But she’s also honest here. It is a balance.

I’m bringing this message to you, but I'm in the boat with you too. I’m always contemplating preparation and desire and discontent…with taking action. Taking it to quickly, waiting to long... There is no magic formula. But for the sake of this show, we definitely have a culture who is erring more on the side of inaction and complacence, than taking action and success.

Dustin DeSmith For the most part it's fueling hope. I still find myself wandering back towards my old ways, but as I catch myself I make strides towards who I want to be. It's a slow difficult process but I can and will make it. [NOW LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS HERE] just trying to make the me in the mirror match up to the me in my head. I hit bottom recently so its time to go back up.

Isn’t that a powerful and convicting statement! If any of you hear it and think, “Well, the me in my head isn’t that great either,” then lets say “The me I desire!”

Sheri Smith Nope, I am a wealth of information with little, if any action.

Kevin Miller thanks for the honest reply. So is that a taking the information into action?

Sheri Smith That is a great question! And honestly I don't have an answer for it. I often wonder what it would really take to change behavior.

Honest admission. Don’t be ashamed if that is you. And I won’t be so flippant as to say, “You can change now!” You can, but it will probably be a step. A small step. But a step in the right direction is a start and is one step away from…the norm. Toward something better. Make the admission. Not with shame, but just get the truth on the table. Look at it. Have grace for yourself, but…commit to doing something about it.

Christine McCann I'm typically a conservative person that has great ideas that are usually stalled by over-thinking. It takes an unbelievable amount of will power to shut off my brain and to dive in sometimes, but I'm taking more steps towards making these ideas real!!

It’s interesting she cites being conservative. There is a perception that risk takers more easily take action, and the conservative ranks are slower to act. There is some truth to that. Going back to self-employment, people more comfortable with risk ARE in fact more prone to initiate self-employment. But those who are more conservative end up being better business people and running more successful businesses.

Again, let’s get the issues on the table, then figure out how to best overcome or manage them. We all have natural traits and qualities that are strengths and weaknesses. And we bring them to the line along with everyone else, and can achieve the same successes. We just have to harness our strengths and shore up our weaknesses.

Watch the movie Rudy. He had everything going against him to play football for Notre Dame. But he made it. One of my boys said, “Yeah, but he didn’t play much. He was least on the team.” To which I responded, with less grace than I’d like to admit, “You know how many thousands of guys with far more going for them, tried and failed to make the team?! Rudy played college football for Notre Dame! They made a movie about him for Pete’s sake!”

Alright, I’m about to get on a soapbox.

Folks, here at Ziglar, we’re about positive, uplifting, encouraging motivation and inspiration. But you know what? It's all a means to an end. If nobody takes action, then we’re nothing but positive entertainment. There is nobody on the Ziglar Team who is satisfied or committed to the company, merely to be entertainment. Zig’s entire goal was to help people and excite them to action.

We, especially in America, listen and we watch and we listen and we watch. Like chewing gum…we chew and chew and chew.

As a lifetime athlete, I know well…if you’re working out to build muscle and you put the best protein in your mouth and chew all day long, and never swallow, digest and assimilate your food, you’ll never build muscle. And you’re working out in vain.

It tastes great, but…nothing is changing.

Three years ago I wrote a blog that got a lot of traction, titled, “I’ve published my first book”. I gave a PDF download and everything. The book was one page. The title was, “Don’t buy this book” and the tagline was, “Don’t buy any more books for a long while.” The one paragraph stated, “You’re an information, motivation, inspiration, hope junkie. You’re just being entertained with positive input. Not all bad, but you have ingested more than any one person could possibly ever applied to their lives. Go back and pick your top two books and read them again. Underline them. Highlight them. Turn the pages down. Take notes. Start applying the principles and messages to your life. Really. See if in 30 days you’ve actually changed your life in any substantial way. Chances are you won’t have. Proof you don’t need yet another book. Keep studying. Repeat as needed until you’ve made a tangible change for the better. You may be ready for a new book in about a year.

It spawned somewhat of a challenge. I heard years late of people who had done this in essence, and the results that came from it. But it gets to the point of Zig’s message of getting cooked in the squat.

Some of you may need to admit, ”Yep, I’m reading and listening to great stuff, but I’m not taking it captive and actually committing to any action.

Zig pointed out something that steps on all our toes. All of us. In his kind-hearted way, he pointed out an issue we’ve all dealt with, and deal with. Doing something valuable, when we get around to it. I remember hearing this message as a kid and being given a wooden, round, tuit.

Yes, as the scripture and song say, there is a time and a season. And we need to be wise and patient. But there is ALWAYS a reason to put something off.

Zig discussed people who wait for changes "out there", before they do any work…"in here". Then went on to say, in the vein we’ve been discussing, “Information isn’t worth a hill of beans until you put it into action."

People almost brag about reading the latest awesome book. Like you get points for reading good info. It’s better than bad info! It’s a hill of beans maybe, against a hill of crap. But you’re not going to brag about a hill of beans. How about a hill of legacy? That takes action.

Folks, I’m so grateful you listen to these podcasts. This week we’ve sat at number 4 in Top Business Podcasts, only behind Dave Ramsey, Tim Ferris and NPR. Because you’re hungry for the message of hope and encouragement. Keep doing it! Pass it to others.

But don’t just listen. DO! Change something. Take action. Take the info that most resonates with you…and study and apply it. Maybe put down that next book or podcast and truly go to school with one that you can and need to apply to your life in order to better yourself…and in turn serve others well.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for not settling, and striving to beat the flow of mediocrity. We need you. I need you. Can’t wait to be with you in the next show.