Show #400: Brian Buffini says we are drowning in information and starving for wisdom.

Show #400: Brian Buffini says we are drowning in information and starving for wisdom.

INTERVIEW: Brian Buffini

The Mindsets, Motivation and Methodologies of success from a true, rags-to-riches story. Brian immigrated to the U.S. from Dublin, Ireland, and moved to San Diego in 1986. He became a millionaire at age 26 and today has a worldwide coaching organization. His new podcast, “The Brian Buffini Show,” has jumped to the top of the business rankings in iTunes. After hearing this interview, you’ll want to subscribe. Thanks to Earth Class Mail for their support of this episode.

Welcome to The True Performance Show, by Ziglar. Every positive pursuit in life, every progression of personal development…change…is fueled by one thing...inspiration. It’s the drive and the hunger that propels every good endeavor. Without it, we merely have a dream but never actually move. With it, we can actually overcome insurmountable odds to achieve our desires, convictions, and callings. In this show we come together to drill down into what really makes success tick, and how can we apply it to our unique personal and work lives. I’m your host, Kevin Miller, and right now we’re going to inspire your…true performance.

Hello, everyone! Welcome to The True Performance Show…by Ziglar. For you long-time listeners, you may notice our new title, a slight shift. To this date we’ve been “The Ziglar Show – Inspiring Your True Performance.” The show keeps growing, and we have so many new listeners who find their way here, but don’t know who Ziglar is. True Performance is what we are about, and, as Seth Godin said, “Zig Ziglar is the grandfather of the best and brightest in personal development and inspiration.” We bring you just that, the best in today’s inspiration and motivation. So the name shift just helps the new listeners know what we’re about, even if they aren’t yet fortunate enough to know who Zig was, and Ziglar is!

This is show #400 and we have an inspiring interview today with Brian Buffini, speaking of the best of inspiration. Brian immigrated to the U.S. from Dublin, Ireland, in 1986, and has a dramatic rags-to-riches story.

Discovering real estate, Brian became one of the nation’s top real estate agents working a non-traditional methodology based on building long-term relationships with clients. In 1996, he founded Buffini & Company, which has to date trained over three million business professionals in 37 countries. Today, he travels the world sharing his inspirational message for how to "live the good life."

He's known for great wit and wisdom, and his ability to take concepts and simplify them into usable content.

Buffini & Company is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Along the way, he married Olympic athlete Beverly Buffini. They have six kids and live in San Diego, California.

Folks, we are here to give you killer, actionable steps for success. But I’ve got to tell you, this interview will entertain you and give you some laughs, as well. Brian is a character. The foundation though, well, here…this is a quote I wrote down:

We drill down into dissecting the main topics from Brian’s new show, which has jumped to the top of the iTunes business category, “The Brian Buffini Show,” which are:

The Mindsets, Motivation and Methodologies of Success.

If you’ve listened to many Ziglar shows, you know my focus is taking the big or sometimes pithy statements, and asking how we literally, within the context of our real lives that include
Cars in the shop
Demanding jobs
Tight finances, or abundant finances…(which both create possible problems)…

…how do we effect true, positive change in our lives, even with all that?

This is what we talk about with Brian today.

Right before we dive in, many of you listening to this will have just celebrated Father’s Day. Tom Ziglar gave a great tribute to his dad, Zig Ziglar, on Facebook. It’s worth checking out; just type in Zig Ziglar at Facebook and you’ll find it.

It’s a great time for me to thank my dad, Dan Miller, who most of you know from He gave me much, including my early introduction and upbringing with a solid education in the messages of success from Zig, Brian Tracy, Dale Carnegie and more.

I was so honored by my seven kids. We took seven kayaks and a canoe out on our high mountain lake and just…enjoyed God’s creation and each other’s company. I felt wealthy beyond belief. Getting to father those kids showcases mercy to me. Unmerited favor that I’d have the honor to be their daddy. Leaving a legacy is a primary focal point here at the True Performance Show, and Father’s Day is a great time to contemplate the legacy we are leaving others, whether our kids…or anyone else we connect with.

Speaking of family, we’ve not gotten more direct testimonies for any one specific show, more than the two I did with my wife Teri, on marriage. A topic we’ve been tapped to cover for audiences many times, is…entrepreneurship in marriage.

In 2007 we built a house. Often, when you mention building a home, people talk about the strain it put on their marriage. Well, we did it. We designed it, did the general contracting and much of the literal, hands-on labor. It was…challenging. But, not NEARLY as challenging as some of the issues you deal with in the entrepreneurial pursuit. We did about everything you could do -- wrong. And learned from it so we could try to save you from some of the well-intended…stupidity. So, got questions about pursuing self-employment and having your spouse on board? Shoot. Go to to write or record your question or experience. Or email us at [email protected]. Feel free to share what you did right or wrong. We’ll use it for an upcoming show where we’ll hit the good, the bad, and the downright tragic. And…victorious!

OK, folks, now I bring you the interview Tom Ziglar and I had with Brian Buffini. Get ready to be inspired!

Brian, so many glorious things to devote ourselves to and give our time to. But today, you’ve set aside time from the wealth of your life to give…to us. To Tom and me and this Ziglar audience. Thank you.

Brian, you have some history with Ziglar…Zig, Tom, the whole family. Where did you first get exposed to Zig? What was going on in your life at that time?

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Brian, you are a real estate superstar. You’ve authored multiple books. You’ve been married 25 years to a woman who has mothered your six children. That…is worthy of a gold medal. Which is fitting since she, Beverly, was a USA Olympic volleyball player.

Now, you are set on inspiring the world to “Live the good life.” Let’s start there. When someone talks about achieving “success,” the question immediately comes to mind of how that person defines success. So, I’ll ask you, when you say you want to help folks “live the good life,” how are you defining it?

>>Hear Brian’s responses on the program

On March 17 of this year, 2016, you launched your podcast, The Brian Buffini Show. Folks, go subscribe. That’s “Brian B U F F I N I.”

Your first show explored what will be the theme of your podcast - the Mindsets, Motivation, and Methodologies of Success. In your next and only second podcast, you interviewed John O’Leary, author of On Fire, who, folks, is an upcoming guest on The Ziglar Show. (I am currently reading his book.) You’ve interviewed Lou Holtz!

Then, in episode three, you don’t hold back and you give us…check this out folks, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar. Onstage together, the last time this would ever happen, at your event, the Mastermind Summit in Florida.

You said Jim Rohn was your champion of Mindset and Zig Ziglar was your champion of Motivation.

I want to ask you a big question. I know you got a monumental amount of teaching, truth, wisdom and value from both of these men. I’ll make the question personal: if you were to impart one main point and teaching from each of these men to your kids, what would it be?

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Why? What happened to you personally that make those points paramount?

>> Hear Brian Buffini’s responses on the program

So, your podcast covers three primary pillars: The Mindsets, Motivation, and Methodologies of Success. While the issues you address are relevant for all, you give specific focus to entrepreneurs. I’m a lifetime entrepreneur, as is my father, and were his father and further. I’m a fan and advocate.

But I ask you, what is it about entrepreneurs that grants them your focus?

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So, let’s hit the high points of your devotion here:

First off…Mindset:
1. You talk about mindset being a key area for entrepreneurs to grow in. Brian, we both know people would often rather spend $100k on an MBA or buy 100 different “How To” books, than address their personal development. I’m guessing what brought you to this primary focus is seeing people miss the mark in their business and life pursuits. While they may have had the right tools, tips, and strategies…they just didn’t have the right mindset. Share some of the specifics?

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2. How do you feel entrepreneurs should develop their mindset? What is your primary strategy?

>>Hear Brian’s responses on the program

Next, Motivation:
2. This is The Ziglar Show, our primary focus IS…motive. It’s the fuel. But even with that knowledge, we all admittedly struggle with motivation from time to time. From your experience leading thousands who desire to progress and succeed in their lives, do you find that people often don’t have a clear motivation? Or they do, but it’s simply not strong enough? Both?

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2. Ok, so it’s one thing to say we need motivation and inspiration. It’s another to really embrace it. What are some of your preferred steps for staying inspired and committed to one’s path and goal?

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3. Your next key is…Methodologies:
For those of you who don’t use this word as part of your daily vocabulary…

a way of doing something
: a careful or organized plan that controls the way something is done

Folks, Brian has led off with mindset and motivation. Our focal point and the fuel, in essence. Now he’s hitting on method. The vehicle for getting there. This is a crux.

1. Brian, you claim methodologies sustain us. Please explain this:

>>Hear Brian Buffini’s explanation on the program

So, Tom Ziglar has been laser-focused on…habits, stating that the fastest way to success is to replace bad habits with good habits.

In light of methodologies, Brian,
2. What are some key habits we can tap into to sustain our efforts?

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I’m going to end by asking you about…immigrants. You immigrated from Ireland. You cite Thomas Stanley’s studies that claimed that, at one point, 85% of millionaires in the last 20 years in America are immigrants.

We talk about how Americans tend to see problems, whereas immigrants see opportunity.

While we are blessed to have a global audience in The Ziglar Show, spanning the globe with many tens of thousands of listeners, we have a lot, right here in America.

What do you have to say to them to wake them up to take advantage of the opportunity surrounding them? What do you say to your own…American-born kids?

>>Listen to Brian’s closing comments on the show

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