Show #392: Battling comfort, rocking sales, and more – the new Q&A show

Show #392: Battling comfort, rocking sales, and more – the new Q&A show

Your live questions! Tom Ziglar and I fielded questions from show listeners submitted at But Tom aired the show live on Facebook and we took questions straight from the Ziglar fan page! Listen in and relate to others like you, seeking to inspire their true performance! And send in your questions to

Hello to you, my friends who believe in more for your lives! This is The Ziglar Show, episode #392, and I bring you our new Q&A show. We gave you a platform to submit questions at, and questions are what you gave us. Tom Ziglar and I shoot straight and candidly in an effort to inspire true performance in…all of us.

Here we go now, with our new Q&A show. I’m bringing in Tom Ziglar and we’re going to bring you some great questions from you, the Ziglar audience:

Tom, brother, great -- as always -- to be with you. You’ve been on the road in a big way. Any standout experience you would share with us really quickly?

>>Listen to the show.

OK, I’m leading off with literally the first question that was submitted to us when we launched It comes from Jamie. Here he is:

>> “I am miserable” in my job…” Hear the program.

>> “I am living for two weeks of vacation…” Listen to the show

>> ”I am comfortable and complacent…” Listen to the show

>> ”I am doing the bare minimum to get by…” Hear the responses on the show

>> ”I hate to leave my seniority; desire freedom and financial stability….” Listen to the show

>> ”I don’t need or want anything and I don’t want to jeopardize it…” Hear the program

>> “What do I need to do to change my thoughts and mental attitude toward my performance and my employer?” Listen to responses on the program

  1. 1. You will stay where you are. You have inertia and it will take a lot of effort to change something that hardly anyone in your world would support you changing. Their perspective is, “You have prime rib. You’re jeopardizing it for…primer rib?” Irresponsible. Foolish. Selfish.
  2. 2. You will be forced. You will be let go. Downsized, somebody dies, you are injured, any number of things. And chances are 95% or more you’ll scramble to replace it with the lowest hanging fruit…a very similar job…which will solidify your overall inertia to remain in similar circumstances even longer,
  3. 3. You’ll realize the misery is…misery. Complacency truly is…complacency. You are called to be the absolute best Jamie you can be. So what you have now is NOT prime rib. You have to trust the calling of your heart and understand that while it may absolutely be prime rib for someone else -- and was for you -- it’s now…cold ramen noodles. And you’re missing the new prime rib in store for you, and stealing someone else’s.

But what will make you actually change? Deciding you must, which no one can do.

  • Motive
  • Manufacture a reason
  • All we’ve covered is a necessary paradigm shift. Faith that you are being called to something else.

The other questions came in live over Facebook, as Tom and Kevin did a live broadcast. Listen into the show for the rest!