Show #422: Q&A with Tom – Zig’s primary lessons to his son

Show #422: Q&A with Tom – Zig’s primary lessons to his son

Tom Ziglar answers a question in this Q&A with host Kevin Miller about the most important lessons his dad, Zig Ziglar, gave him as a child and adult. His answer uncovers possibly four of the most important lessons Zig has for us all. Thank you to Audible and new show sponsor, SmileDirectClub, for supporting this show!

Hi, everyone, this is Kevin Miller, and this is Ziglar’s True Performance Show, episode 422, and we are doing a Q&A show with Tom Ziglar. A couple of weeks ago, he did a video live on Facebook and invited people to a Hope & Encouragement live Q&A. There were many hundreds of questions and comments, far too many for him to possibly address in 30 minutes. So, we are taking a handful to discuss together today. I’ve also selected a few submitted from listeners of the show. These are real issues from real people striving to pursue and inspire their…true performance.

Tom Ziglar will join me in just a moment to dive into Q&As, but I have to say…we just recorded it, and the very last question, and Tom’s answer, is…you have to hear it. A lady asked what was the best counsel he got from his dad, from Zig, as a child and adult. Tom cited three specific pieces of counsel as a kid, and one as an adult, that are possibly a culmination of four of Zig’s most profound pieces of wisdom. Please…even if you need to skip to the end, don’t miss them.

The first question we hit in just a moment asks…how do you take those great, inspiring quotes and actually live them out? Hearing is one thing, doing is another. Bam. There’s a question. Before we answer it…

OK, here then…I bring you Tom Ziglar, and he and I will cover some important questions from show listeners and Facebook fans:

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Here are some questions we have received:

Robert Njoroge‬‬ • 35:22 How do I learn to live from the context on the quotes? It's one thing reading and another implementing.

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Robert Njoroge‬‬ • 30:19 This sure is an investment of time instead of sitting watching the Kardashians‬!

Cyril Mapula De Vera‬‬‬‬ • 20:29 I named my son Ziglar. He is nine years old now. What is the meaning of that name?

Karen Lynn‬‬‬ • 28:42 Ziglar means brick builder

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Eric Turenne - How does one motivate the seemingly unmotivated? Mentoring someone who's eager to learn and improve is one thing, but trying to get someone moving is another. Are there ways to help spark that flame? How would you approach it with a friend or family member versus an employee?

Isaiah Ramos • 15:01 How to help someone who doesn't want to be helped?

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Scott Little – This question is for Kevin and Teri, although I'm confident Tom could also offer an abundance of wisdom.

My wife and I are in agreement: we want to relocate to a new part of the country. One of us will have full-time employment, while the other will be starting a business from scratch. We are now waiting on "God's timing." My question is, how does a couple know when "God's timing" is right? I tend to be more "ready-fire-aim," while my wife is a more level-headed, "ready-aim-fire" sort of gal. Thanks in advance.

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Jacelya Jones • 11:45 Is this biblically based? Or self-help?

Chris Vogt - Thank you, Kevin, for sharing your experiences with "being out of balance" for a season, and also sharing your real life experiences with it.

I've been working on a new business and, at times, have wondered if I'm out of balance, but also know that I need to "pump the handle" hard to get it going.

Thanks, I love you guys: D

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Berlin Rodriguez What is the best way to find the job you are best at??

Kyle McElhaney
Kevin and Tom,

My wife and I wrote a set of children's books together called Founders Force. We turned the founding fathers into superheroes and made a fun, engaging and memorable book series for ages 3-8 and grades K-3. We are having trouble getting traction in this realm. People love our books and we get great feedback, but sales haven't grown. The books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM, and our website. We have done social media blitzes, PR campaigns, and even given out free books. What is your advice on gaining momentum to grow this much-needed book series?

Sarah Sunday • 37:14 Any tips on how to motivate my sales team?

Donald May • 36:38 Best place to start in sales

Tasha Howle‬‬‬ • 33:52 How does one get started in a career in motivational speaking?

Sarah Sunday • What was the most important lesson he taught you as a child or adult?

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Three things:

  1. His love for the Lord vibrated through everything that he did. He was humble and obedient to something bigger than him.
  2. Love for mom; security, home was safe.
  3. Integrity was beyond reproach. Watched him make decisions that were not best for business, but they were integrity-based decisions.

As an adult – you are where you are and what you are because of what you put into your mind. Output is determined by input. No matter what, you can change…and that is hope.