Show #441: Telling the truth in advance

Show #441: Telling the truth in advance

Ziglar does not believe in “fake it until you make it.” But we do believe in “telling the truth in advance.” One of Ziglar’s most popular messages and offerings is his Self-Talk cards. In this show, host Kevin Miller digs in with Tom Ziglar to question and encourage the use of this most powerful tool for reprogramming your brain for success. Get yours free at Thanks to and Lenovo for their support of this episode.

Hey, everyone, I’m Kevin Miller, your host of The Ziglar Show. Today we are going to hear from Zig, about 14 minutes. He’s going to talk to us about something serious. If there was ever a message to hear, or…hear again, this is probably it. I brought this show back to life in November of 2014. The 27th show I produced was #320, on May 31, 2015. It was titled “The most life-changing thing you’ll ever encounter.” It’s been downloaded almost 60,000 times. It’s about…self-talk. Which is…programming your brain and, therefore, your image and, therefore, your performance and, therefore…your results. Your successful results.

Today we are all living up to the level of success we see for ourselves. We are self-fulfilled prophesies. So…let’s change the prophesy. That’s the point of today’s show, and…here is Zig. After his message, we have something for you!

Before we dig into the issue of self-talk cards, a great resource to go deeper is Zig Ziglar’s message on “Building A Healthy Self-Image.” It’s an hour-long audio you can get at Audible. But…if you go to and sign up for a free 30-day trial, you can get it free. If today’s message resonates with you, I’d encourage you…go get it now. Audible carries nearly 40 Ziglar books and audios, along with the books and audios from nearly every guest we’ve ever had on the show, such as Rachel Cruze in show 440…her book, Live Your Life, Not Theirs, is available.

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So, Tom, let’s get real with this idea of talking to ourselves. For those who have never really tried it -- and doing it a few times is not really trying it -- but doing it every day for a week…for those who have not, I think at the core it’s hard to believe what is being sold here. I can really talk to myself in the mirror, it will really change the way I think about myself, and I’ll actually perform at a higher level. That’s just not a normal idea and habit. Don’t we generally see ourselves as we believe we really are, and that’s just it?

Science behind US speaking to ourselves instead of someone else, or someone from a book?

Regarding stating things that we know aren’t true…

  • Expectations
  • Prophesies

“Telling the truth in advance…
The guy who realized he wasn’t punctual. The bigger issue in realizing an area where we know we don’t succeed, is asking…why?
Self-examination, another thing that is foreign to most people…