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Have you noticed that life can be tough, hard, and unfair? Circumstances beyond our control can hit us like a brick. We all get knocked down in life – the key is getting back up.

Father’s Day

As a father, I have three views of fatherhood:

My earthly dad.
My heavenly Father.
Being a dad myself.

In my mind, when I think of fatherhood, this is the mental picture I try to create.

My daughter is now 21 years old.

It’s Not “Out There”

Gerhard Gschwandtner, the editor and publisher of Selling Power, gives us some interesting information and sound advice. He visited an automobile dealership owned by a friend who complained about the slowdown in car sales. Gerhard says that as he looked at his sales records he glanced up to scan the activity on the showroom floor and on the car lot.

Input Determines 

E V E R Y T H I N G.

Input determines EVERYTHING.

Not happy with where you are in life? Change your input.

What you read, what you listen to, what you watch, and who you spend time with, these are your inputs.

Your input shapes the story you tell yourself - and this story determines your thinking, which directs your actions.

The Top 5%

What separates the top 5% from the rest of their industry?

Why does the top 5% often make 3x, 4x, even 5x the average of their industry?

Simple, really. Here are two ideas you can use to dramatically improve your performance.

First, follow the Ziglar Performance Formula.

Show #399: Believe in a hope, trust in an action

SUBTITLE: It’s Zig onstage, talking about hope and making change. There is an epic analogy of when we are in a valley – when, not if – it’s what we plant there that we then eat in our bid to climb out and reach the peak. We also dig into the pithy statements and Bible verses that leave out the crux.

P.C. stands for…

Persistent Consistency.

You didn't think I would say political correctness, did you? Let me assure you that there is nothing politically correct about Ziglar! We prefer the Truth - it has to do with what is right, not who is right.

Dad said Persistent Consistency was the #2 reason for his success.

I know something about you

I know something about you.

I know that you were born to win, and that to become the winner you were born to be, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and then and only then can you expect to win.

I know that you are designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Ziglar Family

We're excited about what's coming this fall with Ziglar Family!

With Father's Day just around the corner, I'm reminded of how great it will be to see Dad's timeless wisdom applied in a fresh, relevant way for families all over the world.

Dad believed not only that everyone born into this world of ours was born to win, but also that families were designed to win, as well.

How do I find my purpose?

Dear Friend,

I get the question, "How do I find my purpose in life?" almost every week. Here are three questions that can help you determine your purpose:

What are you most passionate about? The thing that you do that makes your heart sing.

#398: Q&A: Best product, balance, and mental programming

Hello to everyone seeking the fuel that runs everything you do…inspiration. That’s what we have for you today in show 398. It’s our Q&A show, 30 minutes with Tom Ziglar and me, covering topics such as the best product to pursue, balance for working parents, and the power of mental programming. We even have a special guest appearance. This is where the rubber meets the road, real people striving to inspire their…true performance. Here we go:

Act Your Age

As a youngster I frequently heard adults say to their children, "Act your age." On occasion, my own mother used that terminology on me. Most times the adult is challenging the adolescent to change the conduct they followed when they were younger.

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