How do I find my purpose?

How do I find my purpose?

Dear Friend,

I get the question, "How do I find my purpose in life?" almost every week. Here are three questions that can help you determine your purpose:

  1. What are you most passionate about? The thing that you do that makes your heart sing. Remember - God put that passion there.
  2. What is the biggest trial or challenge that you have overcome in your life? What you learned from this gives you the wisdom to encourage others.
  3. What type of problems do people naturally bring you? Money problems? Business problems? Relationship problems? They bring them to you because this is your gift.

Now, look at the answers to the three questions. Where do the three answers intersect? If each answer was a circle, and all three circles intersected in the middle - that should help you identify your purpose. Your passion plus your natural gifting plus the greatest challenge you have overcome will help lead you to your purpose.

I learned this concept from Joel Boggess, a good friend of mine. Joel tells people to pursue their passion because God put it there, and then your passion will lead you to your purpose.

You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!


P.S. Today is Day 34 of my 66 Days of Gratitude Journey. Today I am grateful for the Apple Genius Bar, friends with accents, and wisdom.

P.P.S. In my answer above on finding your purpose, I didn't cover the spiritual aspect of your purpose. I focused on the practical aspect of purpose in regards to what we do in our life (work). My personal spiritual purpose in life is this: "To have a vibrant relationship with God and to be a conduit for His glory." When I get my spiritual purpose right, the secondary purpose of what I do with my life gets a lot easier to figure out!