Free to Choose

In our country you are free to choose but the choices you make today will determine what you will be, do and have in the tomorrows of your life.

It is difficult to succeed in sales while maintaining good relationships, meeting financial obligations and having alone time. Zig Ziglar teaches us how to make the necessary choices for a balanced personal and professional life:


You don’t drown by falling in water, you only drown if you stay there.

Stagnancy is the enemy of success. Zig Ziglar teaches us how to avoid feeling stuck and out of options. Learn what Zig Ziglar has to say about achieving a balanced success and overcoming obstacles:

Show #397: Simon Sinek on how to actually, authentically lead

Simon, I’m a huge fan of your book, Start With Why. I was sent a link to your TED talk years ago. Before I got very far into it, I searched for your book and bought it on the spot. In my opinion, it is a must-read for…anyone. I can’t get myself out of bed without knowing my Why, and it must be far greater than and deeper than the day’s basic duties.

Show #396: Do this, and you are done

Is overcoming our lack and our excuses easy? Nope. Is it simple. Well…yes. It is. But truth - black and white - is often simple. But not remotely easy. It’s dramatically hard! Get some classic Zig, then some real-life breaking down with Kevin.

Show #395: Q&A Show: Deciding which idea to pursue and hard work is…hard

Beverly asks, “I love to do so many different things. How do I decide which one to take the BIG step into?” Then Robin in Mississippi says, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saying how STUPID the cliché is, ‘If you do what you love you’ll never work another day in your life.’ I love my work, but I work my backside off. I’m a nurse. I work at hospice. Everyone dies.” Tune in, as we deeply unpack these two topics.

What, How, and Why

Dear Friend,

I get a lot of feedback and questions from people concerning “what” they do for a living. Sometimes they are looking for advice on if they should change their job or career path. Sometimes they don’t feel that “what” they do is meaningful.

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