The Perfect Start

The Perfect Start

I had an amazing January 1 by working on my goals - over four hours of deep thought about what I want to accomplish. I get organized just by thinking about it!

I thought I would share with you one of the goals I set for myself. This is a goal I am committed to doing daily. My goal is called The Perfect Start.

I am committed to starting each day in this exact order:

  1. 2 Chairs - my one-on-one conversation time with God
  2. Devotional - reading God's Word and a couple of devotionals
  3. Studying Hebrew - I want to learn a Hebrew word or concept from ancient Jewish wisdom each day
  4. Review my goals - 14 minutes, 1% of my day
  5. Mental Model - creating a story for how the day will go
  6. The One Thing - my top priority

I have blocked 90 minutes of time first thing in the morning for My Perfect Start.

I am committed to being distraction-free during this time - no email and no social media!

How do I make it happen? I get up early!

If this seems like a lot to you, it is! I started several years ago with doing a couple of these things for a total of 15 to 20 minutes a day. It's a muscle you can build.

Question: Would your day, week,month, year, life, be better if you started each day with your own version of The Perfect Start? You bet it would! Go and make it so!

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You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!

Tom Ziglar

P.S. Quote of the Day: "Success at home will not happen by accident." - Mark Timm