Better than Good!

Better than Good!


Dear Friend,

Whenever someone asked Dad how he was doing, he would automatically reply: “Better than good!”

He would say it with a smile and with enthusiasm behind it. Before you knew it, the mood had changed and gone up just a little bit.

Dad understood a simple life principle – he wanted to feel that way – so even if he didn’t “feel” that way – he simply “Spoke the truth in advance.”

The brain takes direction very well. Why not tell yourself how you want to feel? Why not tell yourself you are a winner? Why not tell yourself you are disciplined?

The brain takes direction very well! You might as well tell it to take you somewhere worth going!

Where do you want to go? Tell your brain!

Speak the truth in advance!

I am born to win.
I prepare to win.
I plan to win.
I expect to win.
I live to win.

I am doing better than good!

You are Born to Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!


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P.P.S. Today is Day 20 of my 66 Days of Gratitude Journey. Today I am grateful that my amazing daughter Alexandra is home for the summer, for Kyle Wilson, and for my clarity and focus on legacy.

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