The truth matters – just saying

The truth matters – just saying

Dear Friend,

What is going on in our world? It seems like more and more we hear things like: “Whatever people believe about who they are is ok. That is their truth for themselves. Who are we to contradict them?”

And then the next thing we hear is: “All we need is love. Love is the most important thing. We just need to love everyone.”

Suppose your 21-year-old daughter develops anorexia and is very near death. The only problem is, she really does believe she is FAT and resists encouragement to eat.

How do you love her?

Do you love her by accepting and affirming what she believes to be true?

Or do you love her enough to tell her the truth?

The truth matters – just saying.

At Ziglar, our goal is to share God’s truth in love. We are imperfect vessels and we don’t always get it right, but we still think it’s a good goal. What do you think?

This I do know. If you build your life on truth, the byproduct will be a life of integrity. The byproduct of integrity is trust. All good relationships MUST be built on trust, and good relationships are the key to a happy and satisfying life.

If your relationships could use some help, I would suggest you seek the truth -- because that is where it starts.

The truth matters – just saying.

You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!


PS. Today is Day 23 of my 66 Days of Gratitude Journey. Today I am grateful for laughter, my home office, and Melvin Pillay’s prayers.