Blown Away

Blown Away

Dear Friend,

I got well over 100 responses from you on the question I asked a little over a week ago. The question: What is the number one lesson you learned in life?

Many of you asked to hear what our Zignificance readers said, so here you go – just a small sample, with more coming tomorrow!

#1- Rejection is often Redirection....that 'Wrong-Way on a One-Way street' wasn't headed in a winning direction...

#2- Trust yourself...if you can do that...few will deceive you...

#3- Gratitude is necessary...taking stock at the end of the day, finding the blessings...after hard times or forks in the road...realizing you’re still breathing. Les

The number one lesson I learned is: I am what I'm letting get into my mind. - Mulopwe

Thank you immensely for your emails! One thing that I am learning in life, given my young age, is that I must learn to give myself the gift of time. - Reyna Florentino

The number one lesson that I learnt in life was “no one will have people around them who are kind, loving and faithful at all times, and what people think of you is not at all times something that defines you." This one thought made me self-dependent and reduced my need for approval at all times. - Maitreyee

"For the things change, I have to change. For the things go better, I have to be better." (Or something like this, in English.) - Jim Rohn. Luiz

I feel when I learned to be 110% accountable for my choices and blame no one else for the results of my choices, was a big lesson and improvement in my life. - Curtis

I have learned to be patient and not rush into judgments of others. Plus, to have my ears tuned into what others are saying before I speak. - Linda Ann Hewitt

The number one lesson I have learnt is that to obey is better than to sacrifice. Always obey the Lord first, even if it means temporary suffering and displacement, because He will prepare a way for you. - Robert

I think the number one lesson that I’ve learned in my life is that I’m responsible. For everything that happens to me, I’m responsible of my own choices and life. - Gaëtan BARTOLOME

I think the number one lesson I have learned is about God’s grace to us through Jesus, and how we must, in turn, offer grace to others.

For business, I really like your quote. I start my day when I get to work by reading for 30 minutes/30 pages out of a motivation-type book or business book. Being committed to constant personal growth has changed me. - Daniel Cram

Learnt ages ago that what you think about, you bring about...which is the same as you are saying: What you feed your mind determines your appetite. Anne B.

I'm in agreement with you in what I feed my mind. For the last year I've worked very hard in feeding my mind more positively and what a difference in my life! I'm more peaceful, my relationships have improved, and I finally feel I'm on the right track. I'm grateful for the positive energy I receive from you and your crew. Thank you! - Anna M. Hayes

The number one lesson I've learned (it feels like I’m re-learning it every day) is that I am in control ...of my emotions and what I determine things mean. At any given time I can choose how I want to feel, what something means, and then react accordingly. I take responsibility for good and bad. Thanks for reaching out. - Michael Epstein

All that happens in my life is up to me; I am responsible for my own destiny. - Roger Ayambuno

My number one lesson that I was taught early on in my life was to be a person of integrity! I found it only to be natural! That is how I have always lived my life. I live a life of integrity. Tammz

Thank you, Zignificance readers, for your responses!

You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!


P.S. Today is Day 18 of my 66 Days of Gratitude Journey. Today I am grateful for Matt Rush and James McLamb and our new youth leadership certification program Gen – Z, Laurie Magers, and God’s Word.