The Home Court Advantage

Dear Friend,

Have you noticed that when two teams are playing and they are evenly matched that the home team wins more than 50% of the time? That is the home court advantage.

Having a great relationship with your spouse and with your kids is also an advantage.

They Grow Up So Fast

Dear Friend,

I remember it like it was yesterday. My daughter, Alexandra, had just celebrated her ninth birthday. We had a party with her friends and the day of cake, and presents, and fun, was almost done.

I was putting her to bed, telling her a story about Wally the Weasel, our imaginary super­hero friend.

What’s Your Mission in Life?

Dear Friend,

What is your mission in life? Have you taken time to think about it?

In my experience, most people don’t. They never take the time to think it through. Or, if they do, they don’t commit and declare their mission.

Show #387 : What are your personal standards?

This is Show #387, and we’re listening to Zig talk to us about personal standards -- having personal standards and making them high standards. This is not an awareness most people are ever given. The great news is we can clarify and state them now, and start shaping ourselves around and benefitting from them…now.

Show #369 : Create your world and know your reason

Every day the world you live in is created by your attitude. Either you dictate it, someone else does, or your attitude does. This is the first focus of the show. Next, hit on motivation...which is motive…which is…your reason. If you aren’t clear on this, you are a race car with an empty fuel tank.

Stepping Up

Dear Friend,

It is time to step up.

Are you ready?
Are people asking you to step up?
Are you expected to step up?
Are you afraid to step up?

It is time to step up.

What is holding you back?
What could go wrong?
What could go right?

It is time to step up.

Show #372: Roy Williams and the blessing of pain

In today’s show, one of the world’s greatest wells of business wisdom, Roy H. Williams, shares a theme I have been hearing a lot about lately: how those who come from hardship generally outshine those we would normally deem “more fortunate.” But after hearing his testimony, I think you’ll begin to question what truly is a better fortune — trial or ease. But what if you have had it relatively easy? What do you do? Listen to the show to have your paradigm shifted and challenged.