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Systemize Growing the Staff and Become Great

Systemize Growing the Staff and Become Great

For a business to grow and flourish, the people in the business need to grow their capabilities to grow with the company. While some people delight in personal growth and are always looking for new challenges, many will linger back and resist efforts to increase their skills. Having a system in place to help staffers become better at their jobs helps the company increase its capabilities for higher levels of performance, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and increased job satisfaction which usually results in better staff retention. Lots of good reasons to work towards having a more capable, happier staff. But you can’t do it by wishing.
It takes a system to help people grow and be able to take on new challenges and responsibilities. This system has a number of different components including written policies, manuals, job descriptions, training, mentoring, compensation structure, career path, and performance reviews. Each component supports the others.
Policies and manuals describe how the work is to be accomplished. Job descriptions outline the responsibilities of the position and the limits of those responsibilities as well as personal goals, quality and time levels, workflow, and how one’s work will be evaluated. Training and mentoring help the jobholder become proficient at carrying out job duties as quickly and expertly as possible. The compensation structure must be competitive and, if extra effort or expertise is to be rewarded, a bonus or commission structure should be included. A career path for those who excel will help retain outstanding staff because it holds out the promise of a greater future with the company. Performance reviews give a structured evaluation of progress being made and set future expectations for continued growth. Take away any element of this system and there is a gap in understanding the job and speed of learning, which becomes a gap in performance that impacts the whole company’s performance in terms of customer satisfaction and service.
Work on creating the system. Build it piece by piece. Before long, the system will be rewarding you for the effort by building a better staff which transforms into a better company and then a great company!

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