2017 is coming!

It's hard to believe 2017 is almost here!

Christmas shopping is ramping up and retailers are full-speed ahead.

Question: What are you telling yourself about 2017?

Why not create the 2017 you want before it even starts?

2017 is coming.


You were Designed for Accomplishment,
Engineered for Success, and
Endowed with the Seeds of Greatness.

You have within you every quality of success, everything you need to be successful. What you need to do is develop these qualities.

What’s your plan? What are you doing right now to develop these qualities in yourself?

Show #439: Stop the anger

In this message, Zig expounds on the trajectory of anger and the necessity for us to understand it in others for what it so often is. It’s about them, not us. To rise above it, however, we must have a level of self-confidence and a self-protecting willingness to extend grace.

This ELECTION needs a big dose of HOPE

The big election in the U.S. has some people excited, others disappointed, and almost everyone worried about what is going to unfold in the next several years.

What we all need is a big dose of HOPE.

Hope that inspires action that brings out the best in all of us to create a better life for our families and a better world for our neighbors.

Show #437: Do people like you? Really?

Your capability on the job is maybe half your opportunity. Being liked is the other half. And if you are not well-liked, you’ll lose opportunity to those who, technically, are inferior to you. Don’t let this happen. Zig talks to us today about the value of being liked, and literally gives us “10 Commandments of Human Relations!” Thanks to Salesforce for supporting this episode.

Is it dangerous to have too much hope?

I had the honor of speaking to 125 students at Ngee Ann

Polytechnic in Singapore on Friday evening. This event was set up by our Ziglar Legacy Certified trainers Amily Ang and Alex Tham.

What made it special is that it was a Friday night and the attendance was voluntary! The Ziglar message resonates everywhere in the world.

The Wheel of Life

Years ago, Dad adopted what he called The Wheel of Life.

The Wheel of Life has seven spokes, and each spoke a core area of life. Here they are:


In order to achieve balanced success, we need to be successful in each spoke of the Wheel.

How to solve a problem

I am often asked how it is possible to be very positive and realistic at the same time.

The reality is, many people believe that positive thinkers deny there are problems in this world.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There is nothing negative about acknowledging that there is a problem.

Show #436: Sell with a Story – Paul Smith

Remember -- you ARE in sales. If you want people to hear you, frame your message in a story. You don’t have to be or become a “storyteller,” you just simply utilize short (1-2 minute) stories to dramatically increase your success in communicating a message.


On my trip to Papua New Guinea I saw something that made chills run down my spine.

We pulled up to a light at a busy intersection. A young boy came up to our car offering to sell us something. At first, I didn't know what it was; then I realized he was selling peanuts.