Teamwork is Important

Nobody made a greater mistake than he or she who did nothing because one could do only a little.

In the days of yesteryear most organs were in churches and had to be "pumped" by someone behind the scenes. Once a talented soloist was giving a concert in a church and was extraordinarily well received.

Do your lists match?

We are all in sales.

For some of us it’s in our job description.

For all of us we are selling ideas, convictions, and concepts that we hope will influence others.

Your #1 key to influencing others

Authentic transparency.
Who you are. No masks.

When you tell your story.

The mistakes you have made.
The challenges you have overcome.
Where you find hope. What you have learned.

You create identity.
When people identify with you - they will take action on
your suggestions.

Show #431: Pay the price now to avoid the cost later

Classic Zig gives us a one-eighty in this compelling message about the prices we pay today to avoid the far greater costs tomorrow. He frames it in a sales training message, but as you’ll hear in the show, we bring this incredibly valuable message directly home to your life. Mine, too. Thanks to Performa Sleep and Kabbage for supporting this episode!

Show #429: Young, inspired and on fire

Tom Ziglar brings us a new focus for Ziglar…inspiring today’s youth. He’s empowered two Ziglar leaders to lead an initiative to bring the Ziglar message of inspiration, motivation, and massive personal transformation to today’s youth. If you ARE today’s youth, or you are parents or friends to today’s youth, you need to hear this…and pass it along! ZiglarYouth.

Dad was right

Dad was right.

Words do matter. A great deal.

It seems the whole election this year is about words.

Words caught on camera. Words in emails.

In my 47 years with Dad, I didn't once hear him say a cuss word.

Not once did I hear him speak suggestively about someone.

The Gratitude Moment

What are you grateful for?

It's important.

But only if you want more to be grateful for.

Go ahead. Write it down. Speak it out loud.

Fill in the blank - I am grateful for_________.

Dad said this:

"The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you
will have to be grateful for.

The right kind of embarrassing

Mom and Dad were married 66 years.

As a young boy I can remember them holding hands and smooching.

When Dad would come home from a trip, his first stop was always to give Mom a hug and a kiss.

He opened every door for her and made it clear to all of us that she was his #1 priority.

Show #428: Never start over and dance with fear

In show 424, we heard from Zig Ziglar and discussed the health of responding vs. reacting. I invited questions. We got some on that topic, but it also just generated a bunch of great questions on the real life issues we cover here on The Ziglar Show regarding How do I really…inspire my true performance? Me, in my life?

If you’ve got a question, email us at [email protected]