Show #430: Revisited: Zig’s 15 qualities of a successful person!

Show #430: Revisited: Zig’s 15 qualities of a successful person!

Forget “Keys to Success” and what you should DO. Zig gives us qualities for success and how you should BE, in order to have more success. This is the foundation, and possibly what you’ve been missing in your quest!

OK, Ziglar fans, you’ve heard many people tout the keys to success. The secrets to success. And while you find many overlapping strategies, you’ll also find a ridiculous amount of soap boxes and strategies that don’t fit you.

In today’s show…show 430, Zig Ziglar brings us 15 QUALITIES of success. You want more success in your life? Start emulating these qualities. Here we go:

Hey, everyone, I’m your host of the Ziglar Show, Kevin Miller, and today we have episode 430 for you. Recently, we’ve had some folks ask about bringing them some of the “best of shows” episodes. So, interestingly, the show from exactly one year ago was one of our more highly downloaded shows. When we have a show where the downloads spike, we know the reason is our normal audience downloaded it, and it was worthy of them passing it along.

So, Ziglar show episodes 340 and 342 had over 44,000 downloads. But show 341…over 56k. It’s a six-minute clip from Ziglar on stage, then Tom Ziglar and I dig in and break it down.

So, if you’re ready…I’m bringing you Zig.

He starts off at about 100 miles per hour and levels off at maybe 70. But you’ll be left at a higher speed by the time he’s done, that is for sure!

So what are the qualities?

Zig asked his audience to identify some of the qualities that are present in the most successful people they knew. He asked them to consider people who they would want to trade lives with.

Here are some of the things that Zig’s audience noticed:

They have a positive mental attitude
They have great faith
They have desire
They have enthusiasm
They are a good listener
They have a sense of humor
They have integrity
They have consistency
They have a good self-image
They have love for people they interact with
They are honest
They are a hard worker
They are an encourager
They have compassion
They are sincere

He then asks the audience if they ever took a class on any of these traits in school. What about you? Did you have any classes that specifically taught you how to have these qualities?

Zig goes on to tell us that it is truly the responsibility of parents to instill these traits in their children. His words are a solid reminder of just how important it is for parents to reinforce these qualities in their kids. You might be looking at yourself in the mirror this morning, wondering how you can instill these qualities in your children if you feel like you lack them yourself. You may think to yourself: “I don’t have any of these qualities. How will I ever be successful?”

There’s an incredibly valuable quote attributed to songwriter Phil Collins.

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

Of course, quotes like this are up to the reader’s interpretation, but I think it means that if you want to learn a skill or quality, it is just as important to teach others that quality. In doing so, you will learn the quality for yourself.

If you want to have a positive mental attitude, practice exemplifying what that looks like around the people you have in your life. If you want to have integrity, look for opportunities to make the right choices.

All of the qualities mentioned by the audience are definitely what comes to mind when thinking about the people who are successful. What about you? What sorts of things are you looking for when it comes to your ideal image for success?