Show #315: The 12 inches to success

Show #315: The 12 inches to success

To help influence someone in a direction that will benefit them requires authentic communicating skills and caring, and comes from the heart. Today we get a message from Zig, then hear again from Bryan Flanagan about his own path to career success by connecting his head to his heart. Tom Ziglar was on hand as host Kevin Miller posed questions to them.

In a recent show Bryan shared a story of how Zig dramatically impacted his career and how he was missing a distance of 12 inches. We expanded on this today, starting with a 10-minute message from Zig.

A quick point to lead us off; if you are employed at all…if you spend any time working for pay, you are ultimately involved in the selling of a product. While you may have a position ‘behind the scenes’ and there is someone else or a team who does the literal face to face selling…you are obviously a necessary part to making the sale possible. If you do not believe in what you are involved in selling, you are limiting your success and the success of everyone you work with.


Kevin: "I have some points I want us to cover, but before I do…and if this steers us in a different direction, that is completely fine. Bryan, why did Zig’s message of missing success being a distance of 12 inches…from your head to your heart, impact you so much. What was going on in your career at the time?"

>> Hear Bryan's response in the show as he covers points such as, "You can’t constantly perform in a manner that’s inconsistent with how you see yourself," and "Personal growth precedes professional growth."

Kevin: "Zig said you must first, buy from yourself. And the best investment he ever made was investment in his own product. I wonder how many people working today, buy or own their own product?" Bryan, where do you think the working culture stands in regards to this today…being fully invested in the product or service they are involved in helping sell…and what are the consequences?"

>> Hear Bryan's response in the show as he discusses "The loyalty factor."

Kevin: "Zig asks, and I paraphrase, “would you sell the product or service you represent, to your mother, daughter, son or grandfather? Tom, what do you think would happen if this became the first deciding factor in pursuing a job, vocation or business?"

>> Hear Tom's response in the show

Kevin: "Zig referenced you Bryan, in stating that 'selling is a transference of feeling', and 'the heart of the sale starts with the honest factor - that is what character is all about' and 'the belief in your product will come out. The depth of your sincerity is infinitely more persuasive than the height of your knowledge'. If you don’t believe in the product or service you are involved in selling…it’s infecting your work and quite possibly…your life. So let’s go beyond business and sales, and look at this reality in our personal lives. If we spend all day working as an integral part of a product or service that is being sold…if we don’t believe in it, aren’t passionate about it and invested, what does it speak about our integrity? What is the example to our friends and family? That you don’t have to believe, you’re just there for the money? Is this not a form of…selling out? That’s a bit harsh, and I do not discount those doing whatever they have to do to put food on the table in the short term. But to devote their vocation life long term…to something they don’t believe in…what are your thoughts Bryan and Tom?

>> Hear Bryan and Tom's responses in the show