Be a Good Finder

Be a Good Finder

Mr. Franklin Holmes is a volunteer chaplain working in prisons in Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.  Using a page from my book, See You At The Top, Chaplain Holmes is teaching a program in those prisons about the importance of looking for the good in every situation.  Incredibly enough, those men and women who are incarcerated have come up with over thirty things they like about the place where they are incarcerated.  They don't like being confined, but they are, and also understand that this is the best way to make their stay more tolerable and even beneficial.  Here's a partial list:

They like:

  1. The self-help programs, church programs, and Bible studies offered them.
  2. Going outside and working.
  3. They like the store and library in the prison.
  4. The yard, some of the food and the gym.
  5. Being able to go into the chapel and enjoy the peace and quiet.
  6. The movies on the week-ends and some of the officers.
  7. Getting incentive slips and being able to stay straight.
  8. Having time to see where they went wrong and being able to use their time wisely.
  9. Not being looked down on in their dorms all the time.
  10. Being able to work on their attitudes and develop their faith.
  11. Being able to work on their goals and relationships.
  12. "Doing their time" instead of "their time doing them."
  13. Their job assignments which include freedom and flexibility.
  14. Their location in the mountains and foothills.
  15. The library selections and the availability of the local newspaper.
  16. The availability of counseling, contact visitation and packages from home.
  17. New clothing and available alterations.
  18. Access to medical and dental services.
  19. The training, visitation, and incentive programs.
  20. Access to an updated law library.

These men and women can find 38 things they like about the place where they are incarcerated.  Surely each of us can find many things we like about who we are, what we do, where we live, the people we live with, the opportunities life presents.  Be a good-finder and I'll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Zig Ziglar is known as America’s Motivator.  He authored 33 books and produced numerous training programs.  He will be remembered as a man who lived out his faith daily