Show 314: Positive thinking won’t let you do anything

Show 314: Positive thinking won’t let you do anything

That just doesn't sound very "Ziglar", does it? Yet it came right out of Zig's mouth in a message we shared in this show. And it's not a catchy hook, but a literal statement.

For those wary of the “positive thinking movement,” this will resonate. Life is real and it’s challenges aren’t simply abolished by how you think. And for all who do advocate being positive and optimistic, this clip from Zig and following commentary from hosts Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller will help your application, expectations and outcomes.

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KEVIN: "Tom, one of the first things Zig said that stuck out to me in regards to the person that cut in front of someone while driving was…they reacted, instead of responded. That seems so pithy and basic, but when I really thought about it…it’s profound. How often does something negative…less than pleasant, or even downright bad, happen to me, and I "respond". For me, in relation to someone whose wronged me, I admittedly feel…anger. Unlike the person in Zig’s story, I’m not prone to talking about it, but it festers and infects me. However, If I stayed present in the situation, not discounting my feelings, but instead of merely reacting, decided to…respond, it would be a very different outcome. I was thinking of some viable responses:

  • Compassion - For someone to act our inconsiderately, they are probably dealing with hard circumstances in their life.
  • Root - Asking myself what is at the root of my anger, like the truth I didn’t manage my time well and am behind and in a hurry… My fault, noone elses

But next Tom, I also thought…why don’t I take captive what the cost is to myself when I merely react? What are your thoughts?"


KEVIN: "Zig mentioned “automobile university”, which at the core is “making use of otherwise fairly idle time”. And in regards to this, he said “There is no excuse for not continuing our education. You finish school, but never education.” The biggest excuse for not pursing personal, professional or business development is generally…time. But in this media culture, we consume it voraciously instead of taking the time to…learn. Now I’ll admit I adore music. It lifts me. And I often listen to it in the car. And sometimes, there is no greater value than just…nothing. Quite. And with that…maybe prayer. But there is also so much time to learn!

Tom, do you feel our culture has abnegated our learning to formal education and certifications and fallen away from the personal pursuit of education? The pursuit that so many of our world changers attest to?


KEVIN: So on the main topic of “positive thinking won’t let you do anything, but it will help you do everything…better than you can with negative thinking.” That’s a big deal, as it addresses the bad rap "positive thinking" has gotten. I’ll always remember a presenter I heard once who told the story, which may have been embellished, where he’d been to a motivational seminar that pumped everyone up and gave them the mantra that they were Superman! So on the plane home, he didn’t put on his seatbelt. When the stewardess asked him to buckle up, he responded, “I don’t need a seatbelt, I’m Superman!” To which she replied, “Superman doesn’t need an airplane either. So buckle up fat boy.”

Tom, the point then, is positive thinking gives whatever endeavor you’re pursing the best chance of succeeding. But what’s the balance between being ignorantly optimistic, and putting your best foot forward?


KEVIN: For our last point, Zig’s analogy of ‘flipping the light switch releases the stored up energy. Positive thinking with no preparation won’t pass the test, but positive thinking releases the best of the preparation. This reminds me of my favorite definition of Luck, attributed to Roman philosopher Seneca: "Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity." Zig cites you need “skill and attitude”. This is why top athletes and performers are often the main consumers of psychological training.

Tom, why do they employ this, but most people don’t know anyone else who has made this investment in their life?


KEVIN: Tom, the next Ziglar Legacy Certification is this July. Tell a story about someone whose life paradigm changed as a result of coming?

> > HEAR TOM'S RESPONSE IN THE SHOW - where he tells the personal story of recent ZLC grad Chris Patterson who was forever impacted by Zig telling him, “You don’t have to like everything you do.”