Dad was right

Dad was right.

Words do matter. A great deal.

It seems the whole election this year is about words.

Words caught on camera. Words in emails.

In my 47 years with Dad, I didn't once hear him say a cuss word.

Not once did I hear him speak suggestively about someone.

The Gratitude Moment

What are you grateful for?

It's important.

But only if you want more to be grateful for.

Go ahead. Write it down. Speak it out loud.

Fill in the blank - I am grateful for_________.

Dad said this:

"The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you
will have to be grateful for.

The right kind of embarrassing

Mom and Dad were married 66 years.

As a young boy I can remember them holding hands and smooching.

When Dad would come home from a trip, his first stop was always to give Mom a hug and a kiss.

He opened every door for her and made it clear to all of us that she was his #1 priority.

Show #428: Never start over and dance with fear

In show 424, we heard from Zig Ziglar and discussed the health of responding vs. reacting. I invited questions. We got some on that topic, but it also just generated a bunch of great questions on the real life issues we cover here on The Ziglar Show regarding How do I really…inspire my true performance? Me, in my life?

If you’ve got a question, email us at ask@zigshow.

Are you stuck?

Maybe your life feels like it is on hold.

Maybe you are doing fine, but there is something you know you should do - but you just can't get started.

Here is a quick checklist of what you can do to get Un-Stuck.

Determine your big Why.

Too big for a big room

I am in Las Vegas now, preparing to speak for a client. It's a very nice hotel with beautiful rooms. First class all the way.

Many times when Dad would speak, the client would honor him with a huge suite in the hotel. Several rooms, including a dining room, were not uncommon.

Show #427: How does your image affect your performance?

And what should we do about it? Zig gives us a 10-minute message on the power of what others negatively say about us…that we agree with. Then what WE say to ourselves…that we agree with. Nobody has permission to minimize who we are, and, as children of God, we don’t have the right to agree with minimizing statements.

Said no one…..ever

I am glad I didn't put any effort into my last job because that is why I got promoted - said no one..... ever.

My horrible attitude is really paying off and my business is growing like crazy because of my bad attitude - said no one..... ever.

Show #426: The Talented-Person Blind Spot – with Roy H. Williams

You have talent, and you’re probably somewhat blind to it. You minimize your talent and yourself, which makes you…normal, according to Roy H. Williams. On September 18, 2016, Roy sent out his weekly “Monday Morning Memo” and within moments of reading it, Ziglar Show host Kevin Miller contacted Roy’s camp and requested an interview as soon as possible.

If you aim at nothing…

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Zig Ziglar

So true, and yet this truth is tragically far too common. A few days ago I wrote about people who wander aimlessly through life – I call them Zombies.

A good Ziglar friend and poet, Cliff Feightner, wrote this quick limerick about Zombies:

"Even though they are moving around
They make a disparaging sound.