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Where are you?

We all go through stages in life.

As young children, everything is possible.
I want to be president, a doctor, Superman!

Then life happens.

The word no becomes personal.
No, I can’t do that.
No, that is for the cool kids.

Show #407: Train your brain and don’t be a jerk

Meditation, from a scientific perspective -- stripping it of candles, incense, outfits and overall hoodoo spirituality. Dan Harris of ABC News’ Nightline says it’s simply about being mindful and taking captive what is going on in your head. Being unaware can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, and…being a jerk.

A Zignificant gift for you!

People love Zig Ziglar’s stories!

Dad had a way of telling a story, making you laugh, and changing your life all at the same time.

We searched through dozens and dozens of hours of Zig Ziglar’s greatest audio content and selected what we believe are his all-time greatest stories.

Keep Your Finger in the Pie

Former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett, one of the guiding lights in the struggle to
restore moral and ethical values in our society, tells this fascinating personal story. His wife, Elayne, who is a former teacher, urged him to visit schools and teach classes.

Show #406: Get halfway to your goal in one hour

Why is it that we put so much effort and time and use tools and resources to run our lives, but we ignore planning our lives? In this show, we look at a one-hour exercise to decide the destinations we are going to direct our efforts towards. We listen to Zig onstage for about 10 minutes, then break it down.

Do you want a breakthrough?

Do you have something big you want to accomplish?

Do you have a personal goal that seems just out of reach?

Professionally, are you looking to go to the next level?

What you need is a breakthrough!

You need a process, a system, a new way of looking at your life and your situation.


Have you ever been attacked by a troll?
A troll is someone who personally attacks you for no other reason than they can.

Here is what I do when this happens to me.
I move right along without a second thought or response.

Oh, and I repeat to myself one of my favorite quotes from Dad:

“The only taste of success some people have
is when they take a bite out of someone else.

The Greatest Commandment

Last week was an incredibly difficult week for our country. Tragedies in Dallas, Minnesota, and Louisiana. Every life is precious.

It’s times like this when I wish my father were here. Dad would have an answer, a course of action, and a word of encouragement.

Show #404: Want radical hope?

Your hope is built on…faith. No faith, no hope. But faith in what? We take a 14-minute commentary from Zig Ziglar on faith and break it down into bite-size pieces. This truly is a root to our personal success, or lack thereof. Thanks to Design Crowd and Earth Class Mail for their support of this episode.

Show #403: You need peer pressure

SUBTITLE: We cover a lot of ground in this Q&A session. But the power of finding the right peer pressure trumps it all. You want to succeed? Find people and groups where succeeding in your area of desire is the goal and the norm. It’s the primary ingredient for the best in every aspect of success…around the world. We also have a lively and controversial discussion on sales.