Show #419: How to love going home – Mark Timm

Mark Timm made millions in his business, but could hardly get himself to pull up the driveway to home. Why? He felt like a failure at home and would rather just stay at work where he experienced success and fulfillment. Until…he tried applying his successful work strategies with his family.

Getting Unstuck: How to Tap Your Full Potential

Dear Ziglar Fan and Zignificance Reader,

Several weeks ago we asked you a question: What is the major challenge or problem that you face in your life today? Over 200 of you responded! Because of this we have created a webinar series titled:

"Getting Unstuck: How to Tap Your Full Potential"

During this series we are going to answer the questions that you posed to us – and give you step-by-step practical solutions that you can implement to achieve the life you want.

Show #418: Your marriage needs stress

If it’s strong it will bolster your entire life. If it’s weak, it will cripple your world. Host Kevin Miller is joined by his wife, Teri, to discuss a message from Zig. They cover 1) What is the value of a good marriage and 2) What is the foundation of a good marriage? Thank you to Wealth Front and Earth Class Mail for supporting this show!