Show #373: Have an affair in your marriage

Today I have something new for you. Zig Ziglar is revered as the Father of Inspiration, which fuels human performance. The profession he taught and trained was sales, which is the art of influencing others. He was also a man of great faith and devotion to a higher calling…the calling of Jesus, in Zig’s case — and mine, as well.

Show #382: Brian Tracy’s hack to personal development success

This is a “root issue” hack, not a shortcut. Brian Tracy is a legend in personal development. An icon. And he’s still at it hard. No sugar coating, no fluff. He dives right to the heart of personal success. Do yourself a favor and join him…

This is episode 382 of The Ziglar Show and today Tom and I bring you one of the, literally the…top legends in personal development.

Show #380: Striving and struggling for your calling

Today we have a special guest, and a massive topic. Tom Ziglar and I bring you Dr. Ramesh Richard as our guest. Dr. Ramesh Richard walks us through, “We each have an individual calling. It is our responsibility to pursue it. The pursuit will be a hard life, full of striving and some struggle.

Who Says So?

It is probable that many of you who read these words have been told from time to time by people who, in most cases, were well meaning, that you would never amount to anything, could not do this, had no talent for that particular field, etc.

If you overcame those negative comments and did something with your life, you smile at the memory of the satisfaction you gained by "proving them wrong.

Workaholics or Peak Performers?

In this day of corporate downsizing there is much fear in the market place. However, to a degree, there has always been a certain amount of fear as far as our employment security is concerned, and for a number of years the term "workaholic" has been a common one.