Show #324: Knowing when to stick it out, or move on elsewhere

Show #324: Knowing when to stick it out, or move on elsewhere

Welcome to Episode 324 of The Ziglar Show. I’m your proud host, Kevin Miller and my quote for you today comes from today’s special guest. Here it is, “You’ll never succeed with people who devalue you.” Let me say that again, ”You’ll never succeed with people who devalue you.” We’re going to lead off the show by challenging and deconstructing that quote. Because, our title for today’s show is, “Knowing when to stick it out, or move on elsewhere.”

Today we’re bringing you a star student, purveyor and champion of the Ziglar message. Bob Beaudine. Bob is the author of 'The Power of Who'. Now I can tell you it’s a great book. But a better testimonial is anytime I ask Tom to recommend an incredibly powerful book, aside from a Ziglar book of course, this is the first one he cites. That’s endorsement enough for you to listen in closely to today’s show.


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Ok folks, if you like to listen in to your favorite shows on your mobile device, there’s a great chance you do so through Stitcher. The Ziglar Show has been noticeably absent from Stitcher, and this was brought to my attention by…my Mom. Yep. My Dad, Dan Miller, bestselling author of 48 Days To The Work You Love, is a podcast listener. He honors me by listening to The Ziglar Show and he told my Mom how the show is growing, and of course bragged on me. So my dear Mom went to find me and had a hard time, as she uses Stitcher. And we weren’t there! So she called me and let me know.

I finally submitted the show, and we went live…yesterday. Folks, we’re privileged to have on average, 13,000 to 19,000 downloads per day of The Ziglar Show. That’s walking in high cotton as my great friend and renowned bronze sculptor Scott Stearman would say. But yesterday we had…60,000 downloads. As of this recording at midday today, we’re just shy of 90k downloads. Today. That’s rockstar status, and we’re grateful. So, thank you all, and if you like using Stitcher, we’ve gone fully mobile just for you.


Well now, let’s get to business. As I said, we have Bob Beaudine (pronounced BOW-DEAN) in the studio with us today, as well as the kingpin of the Z franchise and legacy…Tom Ziglar. Tom, you have a lot of history with Bob, and you get to introduce him to our audience!

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Well, if that doesn’t have you primed and ready to hear what Bob has to say, then you might want to grab your car keys, make sure you’re touching metal, and briefly insert them into the nearest electrical outlet.

We’re going to start with a brief, three and a half minute video from Bob, recorded not even three months ago. But it contains enough weight that we’ll be doing good to adequately address it all in our allotted time. So here I bring you…Bob Beaudine:

Now Bob, thank you so much for being with us today, I’m truly honored, but even more…excited to bring your unique brand of the Ziglar message to everyone. I started the show off with your quote, “You’ll never succeed with people who devalue you.” I consider myself to be the common man. And I know many common men will hear that quote and think of either themselves or someone they know, who was abused, degraded and downtrodden, and rose up to make something of themselves. Which is remarkable, valiant and flat out miraculous and inspirational.

At first I was prone to thinking, you’d congratulate them, but say, ”With the right people, encouraging and supporting you, you could have experienced even more success!” But then, I pondered a little deeper and thought, maybe that’s missing the truth. Some people take the harsh, negative feedback and pull themselves up, but the reality is, to truly succeed, it still comes from finally finding that group of supportive, positive people. I mean, isn’t that the point of gangs? Amongst the harshness, they pull themselves together for positive support? Thus, Bob, can anyone truly succeed, without ultimately finding that necessary support and value from others?

> > Hear Bob's answer, which includes, "We were created for relationship," in the show

Right off the bat in the video, Bob, you say “Life Isn’t Often Fair." Now, everybody knows that. It’s like saying “Sometimes it rains.” But as my dear friend and recording artist Ronnie Freeman so poetically said in his song “If You Believe,” “If you believe it’s really gonna rain today, where’s your umbrella…are you gonna roll the windows up?”

Life is and will be unfair. We know it, but the real problem arises when we don’t adequately prepare for it. And preparing doesn’t mean being pessimistic and negative and critical and downtrodden. So I’ll put the question to you Bob, when you know life isn’t fair, how do you positively and healthfully prepare to weather and overcome it?

> > Hear Bob discuss how life is unfair, but hope is around the corner

In the story you tell of a basketball game experience in your youth, where you are unfairly and wrongfully criticized by your coach. There are many, MANY people today who have stories like that, but they were crushed by them. They are in mere survival mode today as a result of such wounds. Bob, I’m sure you don’t have a cape. You put your pants on like everyone else. Why did that unfortunate event not overcome you?

> > Hear Bob share the power of having a support system and personal board of directors.


Alright, a quick call out to the guys listening…and the women who have a significant other who isn’t growing a Gandalf type beard. Though in all truth, I’m married to a gorgeous woman and I have three daughters. Shaving goes beyond guys. I can hear my daughters calling me sexist right now. So if you shave your face, your pits, your legs…Tom, you may not shave all of those, but what you do shave…give us some testimony here…

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Bob, in your Tip #1, you said, “When you get rejected and put down and minimized, you may be on the wrong team, in the wrong crowd, at the wrong company.” Now, as a guy of faith, I love, but am often duly frustrated with some of my Christian brethren. In a bad workplace environment or circumstance, they are often some of the most prone human beings to, instead of putting on the mantle of hope, but on the mantle of crap and just plow forward with the perspective that “God’s just building my character” and “I’m providing for my family.” And they go forth in misery, maybe providing a paycheck but otherwise providing nothing but the despair they feel inside. You can’t hide that.

Bob, how can you help folks know when to persevere and fish…or cut bait?

> > Hear Bob's answer in the show!

Next Bob, you say rejection can be a reminder of who you are and who you are not. It reminds you that you are not supposed to be at that place, you’re supposed to be somewhere else. Again, I hear you. But as you know, so many people hear the rejection and their first go to is, ”I’ve got to change or endure”. I feel like what you’re talking about here requires some confidence in yourself and knowledge of who you are and who you aren’t. Then when you’re in a place where who you are is not recognized, you don’t need to vilify yourself and believe the lies, you need to move on to where you fit and are valued. Yet, if we get the same feedback from place to place, then…I’ll let you address this Bob!

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So Bob, you end the video with this statement, “Go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated.” I can hear many people thinking, “I’m not celebrated anywhere.” To which I’d hear Zig say, “Start first…by celebrating others.” But, that takes us outside of focusing on ourselves. Which is just not easy, and in truth is unnatural. Our nature is self-interested. What are some common, everyday habits that can help us celebrate others?

> > But states that we hold the keys to our family’s and friend’s hopes and dreams