Friendship, partnership or romance? Which do you want?

Friendship, partnership or romance? Which do you want?

The second installment of our recent focus on Zig’s favorite topic…marriage. Host Kevin Miller and his wife, Teri, tackle the third question from Show #418, what percentage of a marriage should be friendship, partnership or romance? Then they cover a number of the over 600 questions and comments posted to their live Facebook video. Thanks to Concordia University Wisconsin and Autodesk for supporting this episode!

Hi, everyone, this is Kevin, and this is Ziglar’s True Performance Show, episode 421. We’re going to finish the marriage discussion brought to us by Zig Ziglar that we covered in Show 418. In that show he gave a message on marriage, from which we took three primary questions:

  1. What is the value of a good marriage?
  2. What is the foundation of a good marriage?
  3. What percentage of a marriage should be friendship, partnership or romance?

What happened, however, is we took those questions and discussed them on Ziglar’s Facebook page, which has over four million fans. We had over 25,000 views during the live video, and received well over 600 comments and questions. Thus, we not only didn’t get to question #3, but there were so many other incredibly important questions answered.

Today, we’ll share some highlighted questions and comments and have a discussion. We’ll start by addressing the third question, 3. What percentage of a marriage should be friendship, partnership or romance?

Listen in:

Here are some of the responses:

Anna Corazon Alejandría Paredes-Evangelísta · 29:06 Friendship 33.33 Partnership 33.33 Romance 33.33

Paul Tickenoff · 29:04 There are no percentages. Be fully sold out to each other, to be all that you were created to be, as though you were one instead of two separate beings.

Donna Faye Bratton · 0:24 Marriage is not 50/50. Marriage is 100/100. Each partner must give 100%!

Denice Feagins · 0:08 Love is 50/50 only way to work

Vis De Guzman · 0:00 You ask about percentage of a marriage, it's friendship 100%, partnership 100%, and Romance 101%! Or 33%-33%- 34%!

Rosangela McVey · 8:25 Both husband and wife need to give 100% of everything!

Ismahen Haouet · 43:39 Marriage is a partnership and friendship with a degree of romance. Baby, you want to live your fantasies, go hire a hooker. Couples need to wake up to realize there are responsibilities and duties beyond them, to build a strong foundation for upcoming citizens, and work hand in hand to support each other to achieve personal goals. Lawrence Perkins · 43:25 Brother, intimacy is really important. The human body wants to be touched!!!

Marcela Wise Seibert · 35:12 No! Romance is very important! That's your connectivity, at least for me!!

Terry Myers · 34:21 Romance is an added bonus! LOL

Terry Myers · 33:21 We have different needs at different times. If you are truly friends, things will fall into place and needs will be met.

Harley Correia Soares · 31:20 100% ROMANCE partnership

Paul Roy · 33:03 All three 100%

Joan Daviss-Reid · 31:42 Friendship 75%; 25% partnership and romance.

Pam Wood · 31:08 I think the percentage is based in the individual couple. They are compatible on the percentage for their relationship.

Jovanka Jo Goronjic · 29:12 Friendship 50%; partnership 25%; romance 25%

PurpleMaa Amoakoah · 29:03 Friendship 70%, partnership 20%, romance 10%

Cassie Torstenson · 29:05 Friendship and Partnership 100%, Romance 25%

KM McCormick · 28:40 There's always room for more romance

Trish Aragon · 28:48 Friendship 40%

Terry Myers · 28:37 Friendship 100%

Promise Mguni Keti · 28:21 50 Romance

Trish Aragon · 28:37 Partnership - 40%

Jose Klatter · 7:58 Great marriage shows. Literally. The faces. You guys are 23 years together? It doesn't show. Fights take the life energy out of couples and they age ungracefully. You guys rock.

Jose Klatter · 5:48 I'm in my third marriage. What I learned is that humor is one h*** of a fuel to keep the marriage rocketing upward/forward. Respect is paramount, too. Many couples compete with each other and that brings resentment and fights.

Craig Girolami · 8:21 I believe Zig once said: “I admire a man who has married up.” (Perhaps it was Andy Andrews, either way, I admire you, Kevin.) Thank you both for doing the podcast and these live broadcasts.

LeeandMindy Rogers · 7:57 I had a double mastectomy in November and my husband never stopped telling me I was the most beautiful woman in the world to him! 16 yrs. in.

Rose Kahika · 0:00 For what it's worth…I used to think the idea of marrying someone 'I can't live without ' was the litmus test, as well. We both used to say that to other couples when they asked how we were so happy through the years. Married 27 years until ... he changed his mind. So it is a decision, a choice, and a daily heart attitude. But I realized through all the pain that God is really the only One I can't live without because He is faithful and constant, His love never fails ☺️

Mustafa Ibrahim · 2:20 Should we even marry?

Sarah Maines · 5:50 Why do men cheat or keep so many secrets?

Sarah Maines · 2:20 How do women have a marriage when men today are on websites looking for women like snack foods? They don't respect women or care about them.

Tammy Murphey · 13:24 I ( Tammy Murphey ) and my husband (DAVID) have been married for only three years BUT we have no marital interest in each other and haven't for a long time. Is it too late for us? Tammy Murphey · 3:08 I just found you, and my husband David and I (Tammy) really need your help.

Fab Mamdy · 9:33 Your advice to young couples going to get married?

Cindy Lewis · 24:14 Important to know spouse’s personality type, so you can understand them better!

Cindy Lewis · 9:54 How do you balance time with the kids vs. time with your spouse?

Randy Watson · 6:29 I help out around the house a little bit as well as do most of the cooking. I have heard conflicting stories. Is this good or bad in a marriage?

Colin Gray · 22:00 Choose to love each other even in those moments when you struggle to like each other. Love is a commitment, not a feeling.

Latoya Latouche · 8:28 What do you think about the success of getting married young vs. older?

Carmen D. Angel · 27:14 Great comment. Friendship! Once you're unwilling to allow change - you stop growing and all your relationships suffer.

Subhakirti Bose · 11:34 Tell me the one thing of which you are most afraid in your life.

Wendy Langlois Williams · 5:18 I tell folks that if they spend even 25% of the time online researching wedding venues/bands/rings/cakes on being a married person ..... it would so make a HUGE difference!!

Cassie Torstenson · 39:52 So far, the biggest test on marriage for us has been parenting children. You really need to be collaborative and have a strong partnership.

Theresa Rowley · 5:28 Lol...I've fallen in and out of love with my husband a hundred times over...couldn't live without him....35 yrs. strong.

Anna Corazon Alejandría Paredes-Evangelísta · 38:27 The husband's love for his wife motivates her respect for him; the wife's respect for her husband motivates his love for her. - the Energizing Cycle ('Love and Respect' by Dr. Eggerichs)

Lee Vannier · 41:19 How do we get back to in love?

Tee Blessed Sturrup-Colston · 38:30 Seven babies look great on you!

D. J. Hillbloom · 37:21 Lol lol...Mama, ya’ look good for seven babies...