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At Ziglar, we live by the teachings of Mr. Zig Ziglar, a man who has inspired, encouraged, and equipped people for over 40 years. Mr. Ziglar’s wisdom and principles not only grow successful businesses, but effectively foster stronger bonds within families too, such as with his famous 7 Day Challenge!

This fun-filled activity involves celebrities issuing 5-10 video challenges a day for a week. Participants must take on these challenges that represent the 7 spokes of the Family Wheel to strengthen their relationships as a whole. Enjoy some good ol’ quality time with your loved ones, grow closer together, and set the precedent for more opportunities for family growth!

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Our assessment will give you a better understanding of your results from the 7 Day Challenge. Know your strengths and weaknesses to determine what your family needs to focus on to be the best they can be.

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Ziglar has designed a heartwarming activity called “I Like You Because.” Download our video below and watch it together with your family. Start by printing a set of cards for each family member and have them write what they like about one another on each card. Once everyone’s done, it’s time to share the love!

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The Ziglar Wheel of Family Life

In order to achieve balanced success, we need to be successful in each spoke of the Wheel.

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