Work for Life

Work for Life


It has been accurately stated that work gives us more than a living - it provides us a life. Unfortunately, a lot of people quit looking for work as soon as they find a job! When asked how many people worked for him, one employer responded, "About half of them." Unfortunately, there's truth to those two little quips.

This anonymous writer expresses it in an entirely different, very meaningful way:

"Carved in the heavy oaken door of the Roycroft Inn, East Aurora, New York, are these immortal words of the lamented Elbert Hubbard: 'The love you liberate in your work is the love you keep.' To do great work one must fall in love with his task. Cellini, the goldsmith, pouring his whole soul into his creations, achieved masterpieces, and the love he thus liberated brought him praise of kings. You have seen the designer of a piece of machinery pat it with pride, as he might pat the head of a son. It is a part of him. He has built his personality into it. That is why it is such a fine machine.

"Luther Burbank's devotion to an ideal brought him the thrill of new plant creations. Henry Irving, practicing more than 13 years to perfect his acting of Macbeth, a part he loved, found that love coming back to him in the applause of his audience.

"Work that is done in the spirit of love glows with a mystic quality no one can explain. And the worker feels as did Robert Louis Stevenson, who said, 'I know what happiness is, for I have done good work.'"

Work brings lots of benefits that go far beyond the income it provides, so fall in love with your work and I'll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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